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  • The Sneaky Street 6 years ago

    Do poop mod

  • Chris Roux 6 years ago

    This is perfect, I’m downloading this because my minecraft name is

  • aida asefi 6 years ago


  • Paymaqdabomb 6 years ago

    The hamster was tweaking

  • Elise Baxter 6 years ago

    Dis too cute to watch the whole thing d’awww *dies*

  • aida asefi 6 years ago


  • sparklegirl1486 6 years ago

    So adorable :)

  • Kevin Matilde 6 years ago

    Do poop mod plz

  • MetaBloxer 6 years ago

    AAAAAAAAAH! I did the telepad mod a while ago, but I didn’t submit the
    video! Now it would look like I was imitating you…
    Not your fault, I should have cleaned up and submitted my video a while

  • Richard W 6 years ago

    I like the white one it’s so so so so so so CUTE

  • Luis Moreta 6 years ago

    Its ok man

  • Foxface115 6 years ago

    they are sooo CUTE!! 

  • George Hayek 6 years ago

    Lulz hamesters

  • Annabelle Koh 6 years ago

    the hamsters are as cute as my hamster

  • Carolyn Nigro 6 years ago


  • ♫punkypop♫ 6 years ago

    You can play bibliocraft mod ???

  • Pooja Panchal 6 years ago

    This reminds me of Ham Ham from ihascupquake minecraft oasis

  • Andres Delgado 6 years ago

    I meant I need to be careful when I hold her

  • GamerfrekeMinecraft 6 years ago

    This makes me sad because my hamster died today

  • Tina Ma 6 years ago

    XD today everyday

  • Eric Mcniel 6 years ago

    You killed him!!!!!!

  • Asy Ayn 6 years ago

    10th bitch

  • Kyi Pyar Win Thant 6 years ago

    You abandoned Jeffery hehe

  • Gamer Babe 6 years ago


  • kaili grace 6 years ago

    They are sooooooo cute!!