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  • Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! 5 years ago
  • TNTxCREEPER 5 years ago

    This is a comment

  • darryl sewkaransingh 5 years ago

    Tips for Mega Modded Survival:
    1. About that dimension in biomes o plenty. its removed in the newest
    version :(, But the advanced enchanting table can also repair tools,armor,
    and evreything else that is enchantable and has durability
    2.In open blocks, you can craft a “Fan” which blows away entities
    (mobs,players etc.) if you souround your base with them, you can prevent
    from creepers blowing up stuff at your base.
    3. Another item in openlblocks is is, Luggage if you craft him and place
    him down, he will follow you evreywhere you go and acts like a normal
    double chest, the cool thing is. you can place backpacks in him ­čśÇ
    4. In openblocks, there is a block called ‘Sky block’ when its placed down
    it will copy the sky, For exampe:When placed down at night, the moon is
    shown, So basically its a nice decorative block.
    5.Since you failed with the carpenters block mod. theres another chisel mod
    which is better. its crafted with a stick and an ingot.
    6.I repeat you should start with thaumcraft its awesome, you can make fire
    ball lights explosive fireballs and all other cool stuff, At first you will
    need to craft a magic wand, thaumonomicon’s can be found in chests Or you
    can craft it, (notice thaumonomicon’s are mostly found in structures near
    7. Remember that one village you visit and you found that weird graveyard
    looking structure, Try digging the soulsand and take a look inside :)
    8.There are lots of floating island with slime blocks you can use to craft
    nametags,blue slime exp farming,etc.
    9. You can smelt iron/gold armor :) + you should get looting 2 or 3
    Well this is all for now. (Sorry for bad grammar :l) (copied, you need to
    press ` to favourite)´╗┐

  • FlightlessDragon 5 years ago

    First of all you just wasted all that gold with the yellow heart canister
    cause the red and yellow do the same thing just yellow is more expensive
    because it is supposed to be the second heart canisters and should give you
    a yellow heart but it is orange because you dont have 10 red ones Get the
    soul bind enchantment on a book so that you can add it to your tinkers
    construct final weapon of choice soul bind makes that weapon stay in your
    inventory no matter what if you die (u can still place it in a chest and
    stuff but you have it in your inventory when you respawn) the soul bind
    must be placed on the tinkers tools via a anvil also.


  • Albert Yu 5 years ago

    1. put looting on your sorod
    2.smelt your house armar in the tinker constroct
    3. put fortune on your pickaxe´╗┐

  • Cindy Moritz 5 years ago

    You should make a pulverizer it helps a lot with getting better ore than u
    already have. Like if you smelt iron ore or will give you iron or blend and
    there is a 10% of getting ferrous blend´╗┐

  • NewAge Gaming 5 years ago

    *I have enough trouble with normal creepers*´╗┐

  • Noah Ben-Nun 5 years ago

    USE THE FLIM-FLAM ENCHANTMENT! It is really good, or, actually, it might
    only work of other players.´╗┐

  • Kacper Stopka 5 years ago

    Jason, you should capture a wither skeleton in a safari net from mine
    factory reloaded. Then, put that safari net into an auto-spawner also from
    mine factory reloaded. It will spawn whatever is inside the safari net you
    placed in the auto spawner. You can also use a mob grinder to kill the mobs
    instatly. You can also use the autospawner for any other mob.´╗┐

  • That awesome girl gamer 5 years ago

    You should put soul bound on your important stuff so when you die you don’t
    loose it´╗┐

  • Matija Reby 5 years ago

    Tip:You can also equip red heart canistwers as well as yellow ones.You can
    equip a maximum of 10 red,10 yellow and 10 green canisters(not sue if you
    can craft green ones though).Also you can smelt the horse armor and regular
    armor into gold and iron ingots inside the smeltery.When you are a wisp or
    another hostile mob other hostile mobs won’t attack you if they use the new
    AI(zombies,skeletons,creepers) except if they are the same type of mob (if
    you’re a creeper creepers do attack you but others don’t).Its too bad
    spiders don’t use the new AI…To favourite using Morph you use he same key
    with which you open the favourite menu but press it while selecting a mob
    in the morphing menu
    My suggeston is to start with witchery because it has a lot of fun and
    interesting mechanics although it is kinda mind blowing when you try to
    learn how to do stuff´╗┐

  • Sadface3000DoesMC 5 years ago

    +Minecraft Universe
    Tips for tinkers construct

    To make the fastest hammer, I suggest getting a full ardite hammer and
    lowering it down to exactly 1 durability left, than throwing a redstone
    flux capacitor on it and using up the rest of your modifiers on redstone,
    silk touch, or lapis. Btw make sure you never loose power on your tool or
    else it will break. Also to charge it you will need to throw it into a
    energetic infuser.

    To make an op sword I suggest making a cleaver with manyullun large blade,
    paper large plate, and 2 paper tough rods. Then throw a hardened flux
    capacitor on it and keep adding nether quartz for modifiers. If you do this
    your sword will have 40+ attack damage but it will take a metric ton of
    quartz. This will surely one shot most mobs. But every time you hold the
    sword you will have mining fatigue.

    Hope this helps :D´╗┐

  • Andr├ę Lucas 5 years ago

    When you have enough XP you should put the Soulbound enchantment in all of
    your tools and armor because that way when you die your armor and tools
    stay in your inventory.´╗┐

  • Budderfox 5 years ago

    I love this´╗┐

  • Ra Walker 5 years ago

    Hate hate hate hate the texterpack change. It. Back


  • amy webster 5 years ago

    Did anyone notice at 6:30 on the left side, the max enchantment level was
    4/20 ohhh happy 4/20´╗┐

  • N1njaKn1ght21 5 years ago

    you should have put xp boost on your sword because it has sharpness 5 and
    will easily kill mobs so you can get xp easier…I know that was a
    confusing sentence.´╗┐

  • Shadowhawk 5 years ago

    All wifi lines have been messed up byBT it was on the news´╗┐

  • Jflan26 5 years ago

    Jason, put looting 3 on your sword to easily collect drops (bones, skulls,

  • Melody Master 5 years ago

    Someone please tell MU to get a TC cleaver because its stronger if all
    modifiers use as sharpness the cleaver will get more than 20 or 40 damage´╗┐

  • 1thirtyfourth 1thirtyfourth 5 years ago

    I already have NEI and WAILA. I’d like to know if that was a particular mod
    or an extension of the former two´╗┐

  • Gilian R. Kleinmoedig 5 years ago

    Put soulbound, it makes you keep it even if you die.
    You have to do 10 red heart canisters first then 10 yellow heart canisters´╗┐

  • Bryan Ramos 5 years ago

    Try smelting the horse armor to get ores.´╗┐

  • Jesus Christ 5 years ago

    Wither skeleton spawn on nether fortress bridges´╗┐