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  • TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM 5 years ago

    NEW VIDEO: Laser Creepers and Robot Dinos from Outer Space!! :o

  • Goompro Gamer 5 years ago

    Heres a good Joke:
    God joined the game.
    Notch joined the game.
    God: i can make a world.
    Notch: me too.
    God: i can make animals.
    Notch: me too.
    God: i can make circles.
    Notch left the game.

  • Fin Turner 5 years ago


    Worlds best intro

  • Bryce craft 5 years ago

    The ender chest keeps on opening and closing

  • anh dao 5 years ago

    “i am not a happy bunny”

    well, we learn something everyday 

  • Brendon McCullin 5 years ago

    custom mod ad.: DTM TO THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  • DeadloxM C 5 years ago

    56 dislikes? Why.. he did everything right idiots. MAN GET A LIFE PPL 

  • Noah Emery 5 years ago

    \\\ BACKSLASH!

  • andy robles 5 years ago

    Your ender chest was freaking out after you fully raised him and opened it

  • Foxy The Fox 5 years ago

    0:54 what is that chest doing?

  • Twiin-jay Strauss 5 years ago

    Pew-Pew from space

  • Govanny Colin 5 years ago

    Like for dan coment for stampy 

  • Zachary Stepniewski 5 years ago

    Next Friday is my birthday and also i am going to make my own server so
    could you guys help me

  • Brandon Madera 5 years ago

    wh will win?

  • Thinknoodles#1fan 5 years ago

    hey dan I wathed escapists minecraft map LOVED IT. p.s. how’d u download

  • Jonathan medeiros 5 years ago

    by the way the robo T Rex can climb walls

  • John Smith 5 years ago

    +Lyndia Kudron Stop spamming ffs

  • Lorcan Addison 5 years ago

    If ur watching in 2015 like my vids
    If ur watching in may sub to me
    Also +TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM sub to me aswell

  • Padg Harr 5 years ago

    So cool hey can u do a mod for the xbox 360 plz can u do that I beg u and
    plz responds to me 

  • DJ johan benedict 5 years ago

    so cool rate this vid of dan 1-10

  • Joabelle Jung 5 years ago

    how did you record?