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  • TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM 5 years ago

    NEW VIDEO: Tiny, cute Inventory Pets that help you in your Minecraft world

  • Kurt Michael 5 years ago

    Miss the good one black hole u can slow mo skeleton when they shot you is

  • Kamyar Hamidi 5 years ago

    How do you make the nuggets? (Diamond nugget, emerald nugget etc.)

  • EmPrin 5 years ago

    Did you see that stream that dan did? I *JUST* made it to the ending. Crap.
    Saw only 5 minutes worth live. :

  • Harley Webb 5 years ago

    Hi Dan I love u

  • Pro Gamer111 5 years ago

    Did any one see twitch in the begging of the vid on bottom left like or
    comment if you did

  • Dan I made a montage for you :) I put a lot of effort in to it . It’s on my
    channel. I’m guessing some of u have seen it but Dan hasn’t :(
    Like so Dan can see :) 

  • Harvey Burman 5 years ago

    Could you do more Escapists, Dan?

  • Alex themanYT 5 years ago

    Lol I am watching this on earth day

  • Patrick Gossman 5 years ago

    ==================================================================== I
    loved the beginning.

  • Balloon Boy 5 years ago

    Who else thought the chest pet looked like a doctor? XD

  • Skylar ITM 5 years ago

    Try to type Dantdm And xXJemmaplaysmcXx with your toe
    Btw like if u did it or if ur watching in 2015

  • Awaadh Majid 5 years ago

    Can you put a chest pet INSIDE a chest pet?

  • xXApplexX22 5 years ago

    Pls can u do a video on Deathrun on the Hive server?? i really like it and
    i think you will too :)

  • Ruby Fernald 5 years ago

    So pewdiepie has what 30 million subs??? Dan has 5million, dan has only a
    sixth of what pewds does, and yet he gets wayyyyy more comments then pewdie


  • HylianBandicoots 5 years ago

    We are only 3 subs from 500! Can anyone help us to reach that goal? Thank

  • Kayla S 5 years ago

    Type DanTDM with your eyes closed…

    DanTDN Crud so close!!!!!!!!

  • Enzo Nataatmaja 5 years ago

    Who else played the intro 6666776767676767677777777777777777777777777

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  • Isabella Kacsala 5 years ago

    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press Ctrl+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the message.
    5. be wowed

  • Joshua Zamora 5 years ago

    Hahaha mehhh meeeeeh