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  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video guys!!! Popularmmos Fury Lucky Block Mod everyone has been
    requesting will go up tomorrow!!!

  • keila brillon 5 years ago

    why didn’t jen upload a video yesterday???

  • Megan Lea 5 years ago

    People, just because DanTDM did this mod review doesn’t mean Pat isn’t
    allowed to do it. If that was the case, a LOT of YTers for MC would have to
    find something else that hasn’t been used, which is REALLY hard nowadays. 

  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video!

  • Michael Perry 5 years ago

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re walking your dog and then Mobzilla comes
    out of nowhere and steps on him… just the worst.

  • Rona Kavanagh 5 years ago

    Could you review the TouHou mod? It has items that have tonnes of unique
    abilities and a stopwatch that can temporarily stop time completley.

  • annabelle scott 5 years ago

    My dog did not appreciate being rubbed against the like button.

  • Marsh Malo 5 years ago

    Your such an amazing youtuber! Your so dedicated I can tell from your
    videos the always make me laugh and smile even when I am sad! :D

  • Jessica Hubbard 5 years ago

    Bomy wasent at the end

  • TheJeffcraft 5 years ago

    Don’t hate on this comment I’m trying to save you from a terrible fate I
    don’t want you to suffer so what you have to do will come.

    Look i’m trying to save you so don’t stop reading.

    behind us is the fact that people think i’m crazy.

    You must do one thing to stop this horrible fate read the first word
    of every sentence.

  • Sir BabyBeeDrill 5 years ago

    Name the dirtiest word you know

    Mine is dirt

  • Trang Nguyen 5 years ago

    Please pat please let Jen be in a mod showcase

  • Garrett Palmer 5 years ago

    Pat congratulations on 500 subscribers sorry this is late I’m using
    internet explorer 

  • aurelia jusuf 5 years ago

    pat why didnt u do any more hunger games challenge with jen?

  • Aldrin Bautista 5 years ago

    Thediamond mincart did that mod!!

  • TheBlackKnight1o1 5 years ago

    I have a peacock for a pet, so you’re saying I should rub my cock on the

  • Red-Dust Warrior 5 years ago

    I attempted to crush my pet on the like button, But she licked it

  • Hazel the (Minecraft) Panda 5 years ago

    **finally downloads an obstacle course**
    **finally succeeds at an obstacle course**
    **WINS AT LIFE**

  • felix ramos 5 years ago

    My pet hippo literally crushed the like button and now I am on a different

  • Ola Elhoufy 5 years ago

    I have smashed thet like botton with my family and friends.

  • Matt Allegretti 5 years ago

    How long until the next monster legends upload?

  • Boulder 5 years ago

    I thought the prince/princess do that along with twilight sparkle :)

  • Jianna Caro 5 years ago

    This video was great!!!!! I want pocket pets :D

  • Michelle Daily 5 years ago

    Do stuffed animals count as a pet