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  • Erica Lambert 6 years ago


  • alicia navarro 6 years ago


  • Shelby Hansana 6 years ago

    I found Chucky pretty scary and I’m 11 AND HE’S STILL FREAKING SCARY!! 

  • Kelvin Gonzalez 6 years ago


  • Noli David 6 years ago

    the black crepper is jeepers creepers

  • Cain Duarte 6 years ago

    The lake jason comes from is called camp crystal lake

  • Peter Hourigan 6 years ago

    They need GHOSTFACE!

  • LPSrocks33 6 years ago

    the ring

  • Lynn Talley 6 years ago

    All of them

  • RieAnna Morris 6 years ago

    Leather face was my nightmare movie but jason was tp

  • Emilia Leonaviciute 6 years ago

    freiday the 13 im gonna watch it im 9 i dont care

  • Caroline Mackay 6 years ago


  • Creepypastafriend 6 years ago

    Chucky scared me as a child but now I’m almost a fan of him

  • jd craft 6 years ago

    Chucky the others are AWSOME 

  • AmazingDemon WalrusBeaver 6 years ago

    Am I right in saying that Xenomorph is the Alien from…. Alien
    (surprisingly) ;)

  • johnny rock 6 years ago

    is there a horror movie 1.6.4??

  • babette chatman 6 years ago

    I had nightmares of leatherface after me

  • Shania Ellison 6 years ago

    And michle

  • coasterfanatic220 6 years ago


  • Jackson Lines 6 years ago

    Chucky the cereal l killer NONE OF THE OTHERS SCARED ME

  • Urielrex Molinero 6 years ago

    I like chunky and I’m only ten

  • MissionCow 6 years ago

    None of them really scared me… The one that I was scared by the most was
    definitely Alien… I watched it when I was 11 years old

  • nathan clarke 6 years ago

    How tf can we see them if you keep killing them shit head

  • Adriana Nicasio Nicasio 6 years ago


  • RieAnna Morris 6 years ago

    I’m Jason’s number 1 fan even the ones with his mom

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    gostface scared the mest out of me