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  • Lachlan 6 years ago

    Remember to leave a comment and like the video to be on the wall of GLG’s!

  • Chris Moreno 6 years ago


  • Samson Enis 6 years ago


  • thunder knight 6 years ago

    its called culltivator -_-

  • Eve Mineworld 6 years ago

    what the you didn’t notice your dog die?

  • Failmengpt M 6 years ago

    I love Dinosaurs

  • pommylemonade 6 years ago

    I love you

  • Flyingemporer 6 years ago

    I like they ignore the the pink sheep in which there’s a 1 in 1000 chance
    of finding.

  • Magaleons Piripi 6 years ago

    Is my name for the glg wall

  • SkaiiDeePlays MC 6 years ago

    Put my name on the wall of glg plss i liked it and favourited it

  • Kevin Vega 6 years ago

    Can someone tell me how to make a hamachi server out of this

  • TheRisingHero54 6 years ago

    you guys are awsome

  • Jordy Tapping 6 years ago

    It was super rare

  • Alex dum 6 years ago


  • Saharah Jean 6 years ago

    I. Liked and faved but I just don’t do it to be on ur video I do it to
    surrpot u

  • poomson sackhasone 6 years ago

    Plz walls of glg

  • GTX Phoenix 6 years ago

    Wall of GLG GTX Phoenix

  • JmantheGamer 6 years ago

    Wall of GLG please

  • Ethan Cooper 6 years ago

    Surround the green box with items otherwise it has a chance of failing

  • Tuva Kleberg 6 years ago


  • SaiyajinGamer 6 years ago

    cool episode

  • NeonVin 6 years ago

    Can i get to the wall of GLGs pls? :)

  • Rainers Šēlis 6 years ago

    hey craft be carefull because when trex is big his gonna be stuck in your
    box so you may have to mmake it bigger.Can I be on your GLG’S wall heres
    mine ingame name CraftBattleDuty

  • LegoShadowAssassin 6 years ago

    Plz chose me I liked and favorited

  • Tristan Bateman 6 years ago

    Next time you get a zombie Dino thing put it in a cage and start collecting
    them. Then at the end of the series count them to see how many failed

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