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  • Rouldy Khang 6 years ago

    My name is dedlox fuck you xrpmx13

  • nolan luttrell 6 years ago

    You need to get a velociraptor there so cool!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Malgioglio 6 years ago

    hi guys I have started watching your videos and I really like them your

  • Nashique Chin 6 years ago

    It will need to be biger

  • Tyler Wae 6 years ago

    nooooo fences kill it on contact

  • UnicornLeaderNate 6 years ago

    Craft was supposed to do the sign

  • Steve Ignite 6 years ago

    Name the Mosasaurus Keith! And I do believe I qualify as a GLG, use Steve
    or Ignite, which ever spot it fits better in (;

  • -TheRyanator36910- 6 years ago

    Haterade does actually sound expensive. Actually.

  • Yamile Perez 6 years ago

    they hatch in land

  • colton baker 6 years ago

    If you get a lead could you walk your dino? 

  • Flyinflag 6 years ago


  • Amirul Affiq Jazrul 6 years ago

    Ypur outro is awesome

  • Terence Tan 6 years ago

    make a feeder!!!!!!!!!

  • Li Ping Zhao 6 years ago

    U can’t tame the mosasaurus

  • deadpoolplaysmc 6 years ago

    Make an iron door instead of wood

  • Sara Holley 6 years ago

    He did say no

  • Ayaan Khan 6 years ago

    That’s a baby T-REX

  • ton patrick 6 years ago

    nope, u r not the first, the AtlanticCraft have 2 of them but the girl 1
    died =P

  • StuntDwarvesComm 6 years ago

    u know that if a mosasaurus touches fences it will pretty much die

  • Houston Pitman 6 years ago

    always awesome and my friends name is hater

  • Blake Smith 6 years ago

    can I be a glg plz I liked subed and commented.
    this series is going awpic (awesome plus epic)

  • Ben Ellam 6 years ago

    Ramy #respect itz true

  • KaRagunis 6 years ago

    i watched al the episodes in one day, pick me for the wall of glg

  • Caitlin Clifford 6 years ago

    u cant tame mesosaurus and u dont feed them soz ryan. can i be on the glgs
    for helping u :)

  • Michael James Soto 6 years ago

    Dis stuff goes on google so we will even have our comments on Google and
    not jus our videos.