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  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video guys!!!!

  • Dom Soto 5 years ago

    Pat Are You Reading This

  • Chris Cook 5 years ago

    Why would you make the carrot of fire resistance 5? You only need fire
    resistance 1,and all the magma cream you use,you could make 4,8 minute fire
    resistance potions

  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video!

  • Kurt Michael 5 years ago

    pat play evie

  • james renier delos reyes 5 years ago

    pat pls read this

    love your videos with jen
    love the crafting dead and your Custom Mod Challenge
    hope you get 5,000,000 subs

  • Isabella Ava 5 years ago

    +POPULARMMOS you guys r the best most dapper people ever. I love you guys
    so much. You guys make us feel like we are best friends with you so please
    it would absolutely make my day if you could respond. You are so smart and
    creative and come up with the best ideas for mod show cases whereas other
    you tubers just show the mods (where is the fun in that). You have come so
    far in your YouTube journey! Congratulations! Jen is so pretty and funny
    and you are so amazing! I love you guys to no end and have been watching
    your YouTube videos for soooo long now (every night before bed as Jen would
    say). You are my absolute favorite you tubers and you guys are just so
    amazing no words can possibly express it. I hope that you see this comment
    (as your video uploaded 5 minutes ago) and maybe have a chance to reply? If
    not it is fine. I ramble on and on sometimes-sorry :) Thank you so much for
    doing what you do as you are the best an never stop! #popularmmosforlife

  • sophia redloop 5 years ago




  • The Flame4234 5 years ago

    I wonder if carrots care that they can’t care because they are carrots 

  • Xenon Flaming Mango 5 years ago

    Should do the Popular MMOs lucky block plz do it like if u agree

  • John Doe 5 years ago

    Do your mod showcases with Jen! It would be soo cool and funny

  • John michaels jr. 5 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube: 

  • The Puppet 5 years ago

    welcome to the 301+ club
    how tough are ya?

  • BrianLucas Seehafer 5 years ago

    the hmuan biarn can tlel waht is bneig siad if all the lteters are tehre
    and the wrod has its two bengninig and ednnig lteters….inst the hmuan
    bairn asewmoe

  • Scared Villager 5 years ago

    Pat! Why is Captwen Cookie soo mwean? He call mwe Captwen Cookie Jr!

  • A Box Of Foxes 5 years ago

    Whoever came up with this mod is a genius and deserves a cookie. :)
    speaking of cookies, I would give pat one if he replied. *wink wink, nudge

  • The Turbine Turnip 5 years ago

    normally i dont like advertising but im only TWO subs away from 100! also
    im doing a Q&A for 100 subs so i need questions

  • Shiro Hibana 5 years ago

    7:10 “No More Recipe Conflicts” mod 😉

    Orespawn + Emerald Mod compatibility~

  • Game Fury 64 5 years ago

    Anyone thinking the same thing as I am?

    Popularmmos, on twitch. That’s right. Pat having a streaming account on
    twitch, where him and his watchers can chat and play along. He could play
    on servers, and some of us could join him.

    As to quote my favorite movie scene:


  • Trang Nguyen 5 years ago

    Pat let Jen be in a video 

  • ☢ムЦ尺ノζƙՐՎՏԹʅɿՏס₪₪₪₪§|(Ξ≥≤≥≤≥≤ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ〉☢ 5 years ago

    +Kaiser Krysalis will luv this mod .3.

  • Ronda Wilson 5 years ago

    I hacked this comment so you can like it

  • Enderman_slayer 5 years ago

    Hey PopularMMOs do you have a cousin in real life and his playstation name
    is runman64?
    He keeps telling me your his cousin