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  • Cavog 5 years ago

    They should use the watering can (if it is in this pack, i’m not sure) to
    grow the grass quicker!

  • Bunny Senpai 5 years ago

    Just for the record, every “o” in Japanese is pronounced “oh” and each
    syllable would be equally stressed so it would be “cho-co-bo”.

  • NoopyNolifesChannel 5 years ago

    What about this quote: “Everything can be fixed with ductape. If not, you
    didn’t use enough”

  • YOGSCAST Duncan 5 years ago

    With enough dirt & purple clay in hand, we get started on making our base.

  • Alex Howe 5 years ago

    *slow applause*

    Good, that function still works. 

  • Casper Lydenberg 5 years ago

    I miss the old Duncan the one who would always crash the server because he
    tried out right crazy madness he would always do something new and he
    always new what to do he put a lot of effort into his work

  • Jaxon Adams 5 years ago

    Fandom Goes Wild. I litterly freaked.

  • Luka Perisic 5 years ago

    28:30 I cant tell if thats slow clapping or continuous facepalming, cuz I
    did both XD

  • Matthew Alder 5 years ago

    Anyone else notice how Kim was about to say her age and quickly skipped it,
    in the part about her birthday party? Smooth.

  • Meefian 5 years ago

    I think it’s ‘chuck-oh-boh’, not ‘choke-a-boh’.
    But that’s my opinion.

  • BlackHoleEyes 5 years ago

    You F****ng wot?

  • PhillyStephens 5 years ago

    Kim knows RoosterTeeth 😮 :) yay

  • saint667351 5 years ago

    Who the hell is vadact?

  • mrcamerupt 5 years ago

    chocobo is pronounced cho-co-bo

  • taigoh84 5 years ago

    14:30 What t hell happened , was he beying pulled to the nether ?

  • James Wojtowicz 5 years ago

    6:00 i wonder how kims laugh would be in speed mode and slow mode…

  • Nusiq 5 years ago

    How did he get that clay?
    – 22:14 – Duncan has no clay.
    – 22:23 – 64 clay appears in Duncans invetory.
    Montage + cheat? Someone dropped it on the floor? Inventory bug?

  • CptChu 5 years ago

    Is Kim Korean in any fashion, like a small part or half, cuz I think like,
    half of all Koreans can’t have alcohol due to allergies.

  • Swordinator99 5 years ago

    I got really confused when Kim started talking about Danny Dyer making a
    video with Rooster Teeth. “Why have I not seen/heard of this?” I thought.
    Turns out the group she was talking about was called Bad Teeth.

  • Thaddeus Cornell 5 years ago

    Oh wow Duncan quoted French and Saunders.

  • DormLifeOfficial 5 years ago

    Kim: Smithy you are covered in arrows!
    Smithy: *has one arrow in him*

  • Charlie Hinkley 5 years ago

    Go to 12:18 shut your eyes and let the ship come to life

  • Chris Simmers 5 years ago

    Looks like Kim is…

  • Dylan harris 5 years ago

    The Enchiridian is from Adventure Time (In-Keye-Rid-Ian)

  • Dean Harris 5 years ago

    That thing Duncan made was almost a Swastika.