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  • KotoAndSen KAS 5 years ago

    Blackholes strike Greenfield!
    After Sen tries experimenting with things he doesn’t fully understand…
    such a Chood…

  • Lone Wanderer 5 years ago

    I have a message for you Mr. Koto and Mr. Sen.
    Pr…Prepare…for…Unforeseen Consequences…

  • Mikail Gonul 5 years ago

    You guys are the best I wish I can be with you guys.

  • April Showers 5 years ago

    Grammar nazi alert!
    Alert! Alert! Misspelling in tittle!

  • Sam Wilson 5 years ago

    Is that the ICBM mod?

  • Owen Krafter 5 years ago

    This is Voltz

  • Craig Fleming 5 years ago

    3:09 I saw that!

  • MidnightRose 5 years ago

    Whose exactly is this Youtube account? Koto’s or Sen’s? Or both? Also, I
    love your guys’ videos.

  • A light Bulb 5 years ago

    That was matrix style

    *he glides to the other building*
    *i jump but start falling*
    *bounces back up*

  • Jennifer Marchak 5 years ago

    how about a….killer plants mod; killer plants start eating people of
    greenfield!!! Could u guys try that???

  • Francis Felix Javier 5 years ago

    Koto and Sen just for a question why do people doesent exist in greenfield

  • Aiden Varney 5 years ago

    The next disaster should be dinosaurs for the upcoming movie Jurassic world

  • iluvbluecrayons 5 years ago

    Holeblack when chicken attacks. 

  • Braxton Harris 5 years ago

    Can u do a 9/11 mod

  • LoneWanderer 07 5 years ago

    what i recommend you have is the tinkers’ construct mod with tools from it
    because the map is destroyed alot and movement is usually pretty limited,
    so i say you get it for getting around easier and for when the breaking of
    blocks is required. i also recommend a modpack such as blightfall with a
    questing system and objective, while still being VERY hard survival.

  • Cherilyn Aguilos 5 years ago

    Hey koto play garden of fear on your ipad tabletits realy scary pls
    doawnload it plssss!

  • Mathew Bradshaw 5 years ago

    Love watching you guys. Comedy Central 

  • Flora Gomes 5 years ago

    See very close is getting. Bigger and. Bigger. 

  • Rio Balaoing 5 years ago

    What the hell did you British do?! You created a black hole!!!! And
    destroyed GreenFIeld!!! (And I thought America would create a black hole)

  • Mister Theguy 5 years ago

    More like your mothers pussy mod right? No one? Awww… 

  • Maxwell Garrison 5 years ago

    He’s in Clinton by now…

  • Robyn Stolz 5 years ago

    oh-no BLACKHOLES AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Noffke 5 years ago

    um where’s the texture pack

  • NightOwlGaming914 5 years ago

    When will you do part 2 of the zombies in greenfield

  • Jason Joslin 5 years ago

    Do more with this mod there so many more bombs you can show.