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  • August Cahn 5 years ago

    u know it takes longer to draw back the bow then to place a torch….

  • Michelle Wickum 5 years ago

    the digging one is the best

  • Adam Atayde 5 years ago

    I like the ender pearl one thats cool.

  • clayton cook 5 years ago


  • nick111138 5 years ago

    composite is come-paw-zit

  • nick111138 5 years ago

    yumi is yoo-mee its japanese im pretty sure its the bow samurai used

  • Lewis Mitchell 5 years ago

    has the longbow recipe changed?

  • Christopher Merrifield 5 years ago

    I subscribed

  • Myron Fajardo 5 years ago

    Ok i did subscribe like and comment

  • YOLOGAMER432 5 years ago

    its pronounced as “Yu-mee”

  • TheDivineOneGaming 5 years ago

    Pk king 95 ;( missing runescape vids come to oldschool!

  • FaZe Illcam 5 years ago

    1000th viewer

  • Mihir Deshmukh 5 years ago

    intro song?

  • Dug TheYung 5 years ago

    Drill Arrow

  • Epic Gaming 5 years ago


  • Epic Gaming 5 years ago


  • Bloody Gamer 5 years ago

    Make a showcase on better pvp mod on planetminecraft!

  • Ash Wong 5 years ago

    I shot a speed 2 potion arrow at a creeper walking towards me and it just
    scared the crap out of me

  • pbrocks1209 5 years ago

    runescape imo is dead for alot of people now because of the new updates to

  • salvykevin 5 years ago

    bows and arrows…..just go back to runescape

  • Yaseen Syed 5 years ago


  • iHeartArmaGS 5 years ago

    You aren’t going to get any views with mods, let alone minecraft but do an
    actual series, you are getting 1-3k views a video…your intro doesn’t even
    match your username…play runescape.

  • ashley moore 5 years ago

    Right TheMinecraftHippie as in pking! u probably won’t read this but the
    whole community misses you, and all my best youtuber’s have quit runescape.
    but it would mean so much to us if you could upload and video like trying
    it back out.. our anything we just miss everything u hade and achieved. i
    know it is hard to go back and play but i feel sad as you have like 100
    views when you u can get that 100,000 just i hope u read this and least
    think about it if u did read this i love you man 😀 peace..

  • chris alvarez 5 years ago

    Nice mod

  • d74g0n 5 years ago

    Bippity bop.