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  • Lachlan - Minecraft & More 5 years ago

    Sorry, it looks like I had an extra level of regeneration on me somehow.
    Didn’t mean for it to happen, my bad :(

  • chris Kitson 5 years ago

    Is the fire on the forest? xD

  • Block Head 5 years ago


  • Karim Lahrim 5 years ago

    Hey craft vikk had regeneration one while u had regeneration two. Care to

  • Manrulz34 5 years ago

    ♦ Lachlan is an inspiration to me and possibly others and I’d like to thank
    him for inspiring me to make videos! <3

  • James Palmer 5 years ago

    Do a q&a with Mitch and Jerome

  • SteveShorts 5 years ago

    Redstone armour looks even better than diamond! 😀 Awesome mod

  • Brandon Miller 5 years ago

    Even with the extra regen you have gotten better in pvp

  • Shawvon Jackson 5 years ago

    what does he mean by ”boys boys boys the noise”please answer somebody?

  • Madsion Cornish 5 years ago

    hey lachlan i was wondering if we my brother ( his name is lachlan too) he
    loves your videos and he doesnt stop watching them ( me too) so i was
    wondering if u wanted to play a game of a game on mineplex? :)

  • MacheteMan7 5 years ago

    Rip Paul walker forever in our hearts rest in piece angel 

  • Matesinocasino 5 years ago

    Lachy, its Multiplayer Online Battle Arena not Massive

  • PhaxiosGaming | Minecraft | More! 5 years ago


  • Lazarus Siu 5 years ago

    +Lachlan – Minecraft & More the pressure plate made it regen 3 and it was

  • antonie van veen 5 years ago

    Vikk has no honor sneaky up in a 1v1 disgrace

  • Havock HD 5 years ago

    Vikk is so mean at least lachlan actually showed where he was coming from
    vikk did not so Laxhlan wins

  • Coopdog5 5 years ago

    Lachlan I love these plz do a ruby mod pvp! Keep up the good work

  • amit Kishor 5 years ago

    Command block must have been different 

  • ShamilGaming 5 years ago

    Finally a video with vikk!

  • SuperGmac01 5 years ago

    Hahah lachlans plate gave him regen 2 but the other twos plate gave them
    regen 1!!!!!

  • Eliseo Duque 5 years ago

    Vikk wins because the rest suck at pvp

  • Winston Wong 5 years ago

    Lachy Lachy Lachy with the x tra regen

  • Caleb Drake 5 years ago

    Lachlan you and vick should play theOrphange map on minecraft

  • KeepUpWeirdo 5 years ago

    For a minute at the start I didn’t even think Preston was wearing the

  • kaitlyn beyer 5 years ago

    I really like these videos :) i would love for you to continue them :)