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  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Hey guys!

    Another reason I lost most of my fights to Lachlan is because he
    accidentally set his regen to 2 (which gives you regeneration 3) and Vikk
    and I had ours set to regen 1 (which gives regen 2) much love! Just a bit
    an accident haha :D

  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 5 years ago


    Hey guys! I know this match I didn’t play well, you can’t win them all!
    Usually I wouldn’t post these but I thought it was a exciting/fun match
    non-the-less! Sometimes it’s not all about winning but also having fun!
    Keep that in mind guys! <3 :D

  • Axis Carbon 5 years ago

    Preston if I was to say: PRESTON YOU TASTY LITTLE CACTUS I WANT YOU! What
    would you do?

  • SteveShorts 5 years ago

    Wish they would add new armour E.g. redstone armour to the game 😀 FTB
    opens so many doors

  • Randle Vetere 5 years ago

    Lachlan is turning into Mitch and Jerome (D-Bag

  • ItzAdy PvP 5 years ago

    Hi +PrestonPlayz – Minecraft Its my birthday on 25th april, I will be 13
    yr’s old. I would be so happy if you could say happy bday :D

  • Youssef Amoun 5 years ago

    Preston can you do the superhero mod? It’s amazing and you’ll have so much
    fun! I love ya Purston! <3

  • Davis Jones 5 years ago

    Do another charity Mini game like the breast cancer one but do diabetes, my
    brother has it:(

  • Christopher Jenkins 5 years ago

    Why was Lachlan such a jag? He killed Preston when the and vik were
    technically on the same lives( 2 lower) and got Preston out

  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Minecraft 1v1v1 REDSTONE MOD BATTLE! (Minecraft Redstone Mod) w/
    PrestonPlayz, @Vikkstar123 & @LachlanYT 😀 

  • TiMya Pearson 5 years ago


  • ♛BAMG♛ 5 years ago

    mano adoro esse minigame epic

  • MrLappis 5 years ago

    Hey Preston! I think you should hire a teamspeak server and tell a couple
    of loyal fans the IP, Then you can just take 10-20 minutes and just chat
    with them. You don’t know how much you mean to certain people. For some
    people you are the only positive things in their life at the moment. Please
    take it into consideration! <3

  • Jordan deBonoPaula 5 years ago

    Preston I have a question

  • HyPe Respect 5 years ago

    why are all new vids 360p?

  • Reece Laville 5 years ago

    Please do more vids like this

  • Camlands 5 years ago

    This was a great video! Cant wait for more! Keep up the awesome work, your
    videos are amazing and have entertained a lot of people!

  • jalik sidbury 5 years ago

    Preston what happen u use to be the best at PvP now ur bad I cry every time

  • PlumstarGaming 5 years ago

    What does TBNRfrags mean?? Or just TBNR?

  • Marcelo Quiroga manzoni 5 years ago

    Hey Lachlan uses aimbot and kill aura I sub him but why he hack

  • Justintime 5 years ago

    Regen 3 is OP! lol

  • Cadelicious | ENTER MY GIVEAWAY 5 years ago

    Where’s Pete and Woofless???

  • Melissa Flores 5 years ago

    Preston:”It definitely extinguish everything, that’s a good thing, right?”
    Lachlan:”It extinguish the server.” xD

  • Sam Buxton 5 years ago

    Omg preston I 3> you

  • sophia cranshaw 5 years ago

    Preston I wish you did mcpe cause I made a custom park our for you with
    cactus jumps ice and water