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  • ZaiLetsPlay 5 years ago
  • CrazyStuffShow 5 years ago

    Steph is on Drugs lol!

  • Ella Gulledge 5 years ago

    Stef looked like someone splashed a posion on her

  • bratayley girl 5 years ago

    He’s propaply in the house with the dirt

  • Reuben Sanchez 5 years ago

    I think Maddie likes the iron golem it’s like buety and the beast

  • Keith Johnson 5 years ago

    For your plan to work you need to make sure that one of the is isnt working
    for the evil guy and what if you make it look like you moved all of the
    furniture to the new place and then you put a mine cart track to the new
    place and then take the ppl who took the bait in jail and then put him in a
    tower so that when they break him out you can follow them to see where the
    the hide out is and then nock a guy out take his outfit and disguise as him
    and lern what his plan is

  • Isaiah Abbott 5 years ago

    I like your plan but what if he’s disguised watching you?

  • Mikaela Janelle Gibbs 5 years ago

    If u see jake JAIL HIM!!

  • Eddy Ready 5 years ago

    I think steph is telling jake about the hidden village since she keeps
    coming back up to the top village

  • Sandi Brock 5 years ago

    Song for zailetsplay

    jake is coming…
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    He well come for you
    Oh oh oh oh
    He well come…

    Someday he well get someone loved
    They well be gone next he well plan for her love
    Someday they all well be gone
    They all well be gone….
    Well jake well come for You!

    Please like:)

  • RedPanda Mc 5 years ago

    That means that steph that you hired first is not the original steph
    because she had no armor on and was not hired maybe the fake steph is
    working for Jake to find where your family is for he can hurt you by
    hurting your family it is possible

  • juan wenxi 5 years ago

    U have to set home for the guards to stay underground or they will respawn
    back up to the villiage

  • BFvsGF 5 years ago

    Yeah you should make it look like everyone moved but you don’t have to
    destroy anything..

  • Christopher Espinoza 5 years ago

    I love your videos !!!!!! They are awesome

  • Caelyn Beck 5 years ago

    Do the abandoned village thing

  • RauraJadinesimmerR5 Larano Rustre 5 years ago

    I think you should question jake for your own sake. Because Dan said that
    jake would hurt your family. I think you should talk to him. And let him
    understand what his doing. Tell him that what his doing is wrong. 

  • Andrew Flores 5 years ago

    But then extend the underground village 

  • Alison Scott 5 years ago

    What did you do for your 100k subscriber special?? I’ve been searching for
    a long time

  • Ela Ivanovic 5 years ago

    Zai you should destroy some of the walls. And I got an idea you move the
    underground village entrance to somewhere else in you house or wherever you
    wanna put it.

  • Chloexox Love 5 years ago

    ZAI your awesome

  • Pup_12mc 5 years ago


  • Sammy Schleifer 5 years ago

    I do watch all your videos but I forgot Rachel and how to spell Jake for a

  • Yemisi Dunmoye 5 years ago

    I don’t completely agree your plan might be a good back up.. But a good
    idea is too hide everyone in ur little village and just take on jake
    because we all know he is the one how made all those mobs kill Kendra it
    said so in the book the guard wrote.. So yeah

  • Pranav Tyagi 5 years ago

    I agree with the abandoned village idea and build the underground area up
    so every one can live underground and maintain an underground settlement

  • Brenda Small 5 years ago

    Um +ZaiLetsPlay didn’t you see potion particles come out of Steph? Jake
    poisoned her! Maybe