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  • RageElixir - Minecraft: Pocket Edition 5 years ago

    Let’s get 500 Likes guys! :D

  • SirJok3R Gaming 5 years ago

    Rage that wasnt lag you had.. It was soulsand which makes you slower when
    you walk on it.

  • RageElixir - Minecraft: Pocket Edition 5 years ago
  • icanfly saif 5 years ago

    Anyone realised he said piss out

  • essempa 5 years ago

    Yours and Jacks video are exactly the same length! :) how weird. Lol

  • Sxvxn 5 years ago

    Hello fellow Content Pixel member! If you ever play on Xbox One version of
    Minecraft just let me know dude, It would be awesome to get you in my
    videos :)

  • Wayne Walker 5 years ago

    When they bring the iOS update anyone know

  • Khaled Assaf 5 years ago

    I need this mod 

  • The Holy Emerald 5 years ago

    Dude… Change the title. It isn’t official since it’s not in the official
    MCPE update… Other than that, very nice video :) Helped a lot! :D

  • TheStrawBurryKitty YT 5 years ago

    I’m pretty sure all of us knows jack, but once again amazing video keep up
    the great work because it’s paying off :)

  • samson3561 5 years ago

    Whay device u playing on? U heard of the shield tablet? I want it. If u
    know it can u tell me if it’s worth 300.

  • KrisThegamerYT Tadiosa 5 years ago

    The “M” on the top in life is cheat in blocklaucher

  • Geometry Dash Marifax 5 years ago


  • Derpy Potato 5 years ago

    With 0.11 potion effect where the screen moves crazy it’ll make the portal
    look more realistic 

  • Ryan Carthy 5 years ago
  • Chimezie Okeke 5 years ago
  • Ethan Perales 5 years ago


  • Carlos Andre Oliveira 5 years ago

    And The End ?

  • Tacomonster HD 5 years ago

    Awesome video

  • DatFaceTho XD 5 years ago

    Lol 86 views and 106 views

  • Sullivan Tims 5 years ago


  • Jakobe Mcinnis 5 years ago


  • YaBoiAction 5 years ago

    Outstanding video Rage! When 0.11.0 are you starting a new let’s play?