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  • ThnxCya 5 years ago
  • Daniils Eversons 5 years ago

    content u can do
    – minecraft survival
    – all mod showcase like dan and justin with a lab
    – mini games
    -other games

  • Jonah Safern 5 years ago

    Content ideas:

    ● Minigames
    ● modded let’s plays
    ● Vanilla let’s plays
    ● Terraria
    ● Random fact videos (i.e., 50 Amazing Facts!)

    Thanks, and good luck!

  • colonel R 5 years ago

    Hey James, you should play more with other active youtubers (possibly on a
    modded server); you should also try to be the first to review a mod, seeing
    reviews twice is useless

  • M1ndstorms 5 years ago

    WHAAAA!!! The party went wrong!! The leads were not there so the shep just
    fell and whats about the firework :((((

  • Antonio Scala 5 years ago

    I think you should do more pixelmon as it is a fun series to watch and
    probably start a survival lets play as you have amazing building skills.You
    could also do how-to tutorials however this is just my opinion I do not
    know if other people like it but I reckon they do or they will do in the
    future. :-)

  • Apple Lu 5 years ago

    i think u should do a mod pack like crazy craft, nevermine,attack of b
    team, etc with dan or think (justin) or someone

  • Aviv Atzmony Perl 5 years ago

    Play more with other youtubers. like Dan and Justin . I think that when you
    are with them you are (all of you) are even more entertaining than usual. I
    think you can play adventure maps, survival series, or even different games
    other than Minecraft! (Mario Kart, and such…). Like you did the Dead
    Prison or Black light with Dan!

  • Megan glitter 5 years ago

    What is the name of the texture pack?

  • betwo litvinjenko 5 years ago

    It is Dan because he said in his video that he trapped cows so he could get
    but I will not tell you why

  • Bella Garrison 5 years ago

    under 301 club: 72nd veiwer

  • Dylan Webb 5 years ago

    Do a Minecraft pocket edition let’s play when v0.11.0 comes out its got
    bats cave spids boats squids fishing and much much more

  • dodikaz 5 years ago

    I really liked the old mod showcase style… Also you can do vanilla
    survival + I really like your Let’s plays

  • Jip de vries 5 years ago

    4 times 1st, jeez

  • DarkRaikon 5 years ago

    you asked to tell you seriously what you hope people will like to to see so
    i’ll say my analysis over the youtuber i know i will tell the advantages
    and disadvantages of the youtubers including you u hope you will see it and
    take it as notice as well as the other youtubers:
    users please no stupid command like”hat er” “no he’s cool” etc:
    Name: DanTDM
    Advantages:he’s profile and look at alot for his adventure as well as
    adding a villager was he’s unique
    Disadvantages:disorganized in so many levels i know it’s helping making the
    episodes long thus making the season longer but it’s also pitiful to see
    Tip:learn to be more organized if you want to use redstone or any mod learn
    before use..if your planning an episode make full preparation before
    including redstone
    and it’s not the end of the world doing secret playing to get stuff for the

    Advantages:when he started calm he didn’t had a lot of sub but in the
    episode he got a little mad “crazy” it’s got double then for “madness” it’s
    he’s advantage and renaming an item from vanilla items as well as having a
    foe again the multiplayer idea…
    Disadvantages:sometime there is to much crazy and loud.

    Advantages:use the multiplayer factor and pvp for extra action
    Disadvantages:hard to do solo episodes and anything but pvp and parkour.

    Advantages:made the popular lucky block mod his (look at the items you get
    from the different lucky block also having GamingWithJen is a Huge advantage
    Disadvantages: lack of knowledge of redstone commands.
    Tip:learn to play with redtone and the mods your using

    Name:you ThnxCya
    Advantages:you have an amazing voice and your songs are a hit keep that in
    mind.and your designs has no match to others
    Disadvantages:you don’t have a place/way to show for your mod showcase then
    for it’s seeing out of place if you have ronald as an idea character use it
    better think how to sell it better
    Tip:look at the other youtubers see what you can use maybe you can connect
    to one of there’s ideas and mix it with your own to make a great videos
    hope you luck to make yourself more popular
    Advantages:he’s hard work over mod showcase is paying off include by adding
    kevin and dave multiplayer factor is something that grows this days and
    people enjoy more player in the channel then one player.
    as well as actually replying to users command is amazing
    personally when i gave him a note and he responded to it made me feel want
    to help him more in command cause i know he will see it and it will really
    help him
    Disadvantages:doesn’t have variety of season
    Tip:mod showcase is your advance use it.

    Advantages:her cuteness and clumsy near holes make her such an important
    character that help alot in the popularity of pat’s channel
    Disadvantages:acting all new and disable to fight by always rely on pat
    show her as site character that a trouble in your own channel(don’t get me
    wrong i love her and i do hope she won’t change)
    Tip:add more videos on your channel adventure map are good for you(improve
    the item from unlucky block to match the villager)

  • BlueFlagOfChelsea 5 years ago

    Vanilla survival series

  • ריט מוליאסיה 5 years ago


  • Camiel Chan 5 years ago

    I know a great cow pun “Stop making butter with his utters” pretty good ye?
    Nah nah nah

  • Pilgrim Priest 5 years ago

    Name your baby squirtle Timmy for Timothy the tiny turtle

  • Anna Xiao 5 years ago

    I personally like mini games on like the Hive or Hipixel or Mineplex.
    (I feel like I spelled one of those wrong.

  • Ruben Németi 5 years ago

    Lol, it’s so funny. You just gone past kopemon 2 or 3 times. Dan hide it in
    a diglet next to a tree

  • Clarissa Allen 5 years ago

    JAMES I saw justins video and the leads werent on the posts so the sheep
    just fell down! And also there were no fireworks! I bet when u were fixing
    it you forgot to put the fireworks in and also forgot to tie up the sheep.
    Im really sorry you worked so hard.Also I would love to watch you play
    minigames .

  • Joseph Carlock 5 years ago

    Hello James, after mulling it over for the past few days what I would like
    to see is….
    more co-op games / adventure maps with you and someone else (like Think or
    I would like to see you do a server tour pointing out some of the builds
    I think it would be interesting for you to do a contest of sorts where the
    winner can team up with you for an adventure map.
    it would be a real boost if you had the contest on your server
    Like in the creative side best build most interesting build or you tell us
    what you want and a time limit and pick the best or have your subscribers
    Trove was pretty good but not for me
    I was really getting into your PS4 console minecraft I really enjoyed your
    HEXXIT series maybe another modded series
    I really like your adventure map runs
    I like that Fake Minecraft Apps vid you did
    but really what do YOU like to do subs will come and go and you can’t
    please everyone play your passion and those who like it will watch.
    anyway keep up the good works
    thanks and CYA

  • Gijs Puelinckx 5 years ago

    Jake your one costum modpack like the diamond dimensoins