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  • gamingarcher 5 years ago

    beam works but need a damage added to it

  • gamingarcher 5 years ago

    making the spells are annoying to make but fun to use

  • Matthew Houser 5 years ago

    i love this 😀 but i think you should have links right at the start that
    skip to certain parts in the video like one that skips to nexi or summoning

  • SkebbenTheNobody 5 years ago

    Good i am going to instal this and tc4 so i really need to know how to do,
    thx man really good

  • brocop0 5 years ago


  • ASM KALION 5 years ago

    Hey, you did good with the spotlight. Plus this is the first one I’ve seen
    in english do congrats. P.s. yay first comment on a vid