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  • AntVenom 5 years ago

    Testing out an idea! One Minute Mod Showcases! In the future, these will be
    HEAVILY edited. Leave suggestions!

  • Theres12345678 5 years ago

    Do Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, or Witchery or something

  • AntVenom 5 years ago

    If I can, I might try to create sets too, to try and make it as non-edited
    as possible XD

  • Kamyar Hamidi 5 years ago

    Ant, if you review the whole ore spawn mod in less than 1 minute, I will
    officially see you in my eyes as the best youtuber ever.

  • Eric Angel 5 years ago

    Try and explain orespawn, or eternal isles in a minute, i dare you 

  • Jake Ferreira 5 years ago

    Try the Gravity Guns mod in under a minute. That would be great. 

  • Speedster 120 5 years ago

    Galacticraft in one minute!

  • Azazel 5 years ago

    Explain GregTech 6 in 1 minute =D

  • marcus hamelink 5 years ago


  • aagupteMC 5 years ago

    Lots of the Rings Mod in under a minute. Good luck!

  • conrad beukhof 5 years ago

    try thaumcraft or applied energistics under a minute >:)

  • redpheonix1000 - Troll Physics 5 years ago

    **Insert super original “Under 301 viewer” comment here**

  • Henrique333cgs 5 years ago

    Try to showcase in one minute Thaumcraft or the new Applied Energistics ;)

  • ColonialCyborg 5 years ago

    Loving these mod showcases!!! Can’t wait for more in the future! Keep it up
    Ant, love this variety of content, you never cease to impress me!!! <3

  • Robloxhaxbusters 5 years ago

    Don’t do it, you’ll end up missing content. You’re forcing yourself into a
    Vine sort of situation where you have a limited amount of time to get your
    point across. There’s no time to enjoy the mod or really see what it can
    do. AntVenom mod reviews are nine minute videos that always end in
    hilarious destruction, not heavily edited one minute videos that are rushed
    into and out of. A review is when you give feedback on something and
    express ideas. Decent-length reviews are more interactive than simple, fast
    showcases. That’s my standpoint.

    This might’ve been redundant, but, whatever.
    It’s not English class.

  • romp48 5 years ago

    Morph mod, galactacraft, twilight forest, tinkers construct, applied
    energistics, hardcore end mod.

  • AnotherAnimeFanatic 5 years ago

    I don’t like 1 minute mod reviews, I like when you actually explain them,
    cause I didn’t really understand this one over how fast you talked :(

  • SuperGamerRob 5 years ago

    Latest version of Botania XD That will be almost impossible to fully
    explain in a minute, would love to see you get all the basics out though.
    Took DW20 3 parts to do an UPDATE to his mod spotlight- 3 parts just for
    the latest version over when he last reviewed it.

  • TheGassyGamer 5 years ago

    16 view club

  • Nico Swegster 5 years ago

    Lucky blocks? :D

  • Bradley Jarrett 5 years ago

    Aither Mod, or Tekkit Mod, or Galatica

  • Tony Nguyen 5 years ago

    You hear: ONE MINUTE MODS

  • duisjfuds dinges 5 years ago

    do the “Vanilla Mod” it’s a mod that adds NOTHING BECAUSE MINECRAFT IS GOOD

  • The TNT Mage 5 years ago

    Lava Monster Mod