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  • Zachary brown 5 years ago

    Bdubs being invisible makes your name tag invisible that’s usefull

  • tydeesigns 5 years ago

    Looking great!

  • BdoubleO100 5 years ago
  • Ken DaCrafter 5 years ago


  • morkner 5 years ago

    Generikb said he wanted to play GTA online with you and your Brother.

  • Acanthus Rose 5 years ago

    Play GTA with Pause, Beef and Doc!

  • john mcguire 5 years ago

    you should have a small room of doors and put a mine or something in one so
    …boom lol

  • jiggle berry 5 years ago

    The birch planks undergound were an X! X MARKS THE SPOT BDUBS!! dig down
    there and you shall find what you seek! :D

  • SanityPrevails 5 years ago

    You should play with The Crew. o:

  • D1NO Central 5 years ago

    Bdubs play with KYR_SP33DY again on there new series remeber your
    technically part of the crew till you died first lol

  • Ryan Seward 5 years ago

    Darkphans prank is way below the surface where the birch was. You gotta dig
    down. Its an item elevator most likely.

  • Ethan Schneider 5 years ago

    Bdubs you should defiantly do GTA!! You should do some multiplayer a lot!! 

  • Christopher Z 5 years ago

    GTA with Genny would be cool :)

  • Jackson Keller 5 years ago

    Play GTA AND minecraft with the Crew. Those CrewCrafts with you were the
    best. <3

  • Coausti Wyatt 5 years ago

    I think I know why you’re getting the ‘multi-hatchet’. Because of the mossy
    part repairing constantly, when you throw your hatchet as an entity, it has
    a different item ID than your original hatchet.

  • Thomas Delgado 5 years ago

    you should play with hike plays

  • ACreativeInstinct 5 years ago

    What mod has the computer looking blocks?

  • Lars van Weerlee 5 years ago

    put a diamond block under a carpenters trap door!

  • Chase Lanouette 5 years ago

    me opening your video , in the middle of listening to Journey’s don’t stop
    believin’, notices that your opening song sounds like a slow down version
    of one of the cords, now i don’t know if this is purely coincidence of just
    on purpose. ether way to go Bdubs :D

  • RapidPixel79 5 years ago

    2:00, Speaking of GTA V, I cant play online because the lag is incredibly
    bad, anyone got a fix…?

  • Ajaxster 5 years ago

    Bdubs u forget that the invisibility will hide your name tag. So at least
    it’s not ENTIRELY useless 

  • Mason Clover 5 years ago

    Play with KYR SP33DY and The Crew

  • Wim Reuvekamp 5 years ago

    Bdubs must be minecraft Jesus 

  • beaujess bentley 5 years ago

    Bdubs! In the main room (room you built up this ep) as an idea you could
    place crates or box or even chest like blocks so it adds cover to for that
    room but place them just infront of the door next to the wall so it looks
    like they’re just blocks stacked up but its an advantage poit!!. Also if
    you wanted to you could make a small tunnel system almost like a maze
    either underground or in a spare space to place a diamond 

  • Alberto Mendoza 5 years ago

    Kyr speedy