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  • MrCubey 5 years ago

    This was so much fun to play. More ‘let’s plays’ will be uploaded soon! :D

  • Samee Tashkeel 5 years ago

    Dammit the jump scare gets me every time. Great video really enjoyed jt

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Don’t mind me I’m just hiding in the comment section

  • Sibbergaming 5 years ago

    Your channel is amazing, I am totaly impressed that I could find another
    good YouTuber. Subscribed :D

  • iV FruTraTionZ 5 years ago

    Hello Mr Cubey !!!

  • stanlee fabian 5 years ago


  • theManofAction 5 years ago

    Never thought I would get a jump-scare from Minecraft….

  • Jake Truuts 5 years ago

    Mr Cubey
    I’ve also played the game and this minecraft remake is awesome im gonna
    try it out myself i got scared just watching this video you are the best

  • JonasGames 5 years ago

    Im sure theres a texture pack for that map

  • chatty Kellock 5 years ago

    i have never seen silent hills 

  • DALEROXX 5 years ago


  • Ben Morgan 5 years ago

    When it got to that part at the end were you had blindness and could only
    see the block in front of you… I just said out loud “f*** that!”

  • Christian Lalande 5 years ago

    Can you do another everything you need to know about episode plz 

  • Tajm - CS:GO GIVEAWAYS 5 years ago

    really enjoyable to watch, grabbed my coke and my crisps! (:

  • Nick Steiner 5 years ago

    I could never play this map! NEVER!!!

  • Mori Mekan 5 years ago

    Is this the very first Silent Hill adventure map? Cause I was wondering if
    there will be ever one 😀 I’m happy you tried it out it was very creepy
    >.<;; scary. But I’m not familiar with this series of SH thank you for the video it’s always fun to watch !

  • Jay Kamran 5 years ago

    call me MCStampy23 i got a heart attack

  • Casey Guerin 5 years ago

    This was great! Kudos to you for keeping me laughing the whole time and
    alleviating my own (Surprising!) level of fear! Seriously, this was an
    entertaining viewing.

    And lastly, kudos to Dudelcraft for a surprisingly spooky rendition of one
    of the spookiest things I’ve played in a long while.

  • Elijah Ratliff 5 years ago

    Ah!!!! That first scare nailed me. l was fine with the others but that got
    me by surprise alot. lol great video dude!

  • Aggie Petes 5 years ago

    GOD MMMMMFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quoc trieu nguyen 5 years ago

    You just got a sub

  • The BlawkBuster 5 years ago


  • Char Dragon 5 years ago

    That second u opend the door and a kind of person came right at ya… Got
    me launged out my chair xD, im no fan of scare games