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  • spacethekiders Gaming 6 years ago

    They said please use 32 bits java what does that mean?

  • meiyu lu 6 years ago

    my parents said that i can’t watch youtube vids anymore, but i outsmarted
    them by using this mod to watch the diamond minecart XD

  • Danielrey Alaniz 6 years ago


  • Darius Pourkafaei 6 years ago


  • Butteredtoast617 6 years ago

    Well damn, no more multi-tasking between MC and my browser…

  • Gabriel West 6 years ago

    Now I can watch your vids while playing minecraft! :D

  • SandStorm 6 years ago

    i want tis mod soo bad but i don’t now how to download mods D=

  • Nascar Buster 6 years ago


  • Nicolas Cage 6 years ago

    im just imagining how many people watched porn on this mod 

  • SnappGamez 6 years ago

    Now make it to where I can hack Herobrine’s computer in Minecraft!

  • Jamie Law 6 years ago

    Amazing Dan!Keep it up dude! :D(-(

  • Jiwon Jung 6 years ago

    I love the beggining and the dance moves XD

  • Fadzilawati Arif 6 years ago

    +Emily Gizzi. You suck!!

  • Kai Kozlov 6 years ago

    phising download link sorry Dan. Nobody download mod pls!!

  • AntonyOf Heaven 6 years ago

    this works also with P*RN?

  • MTSAssassin84 6 years ago

    For me it saiys please use java 32bits did i do something wrong?

  • robloxmanone 6 years ago

    3:30 The 3 dyes represent the 3 colors used for LED screens.

  • jose cose 6 years ago

    Hey is this out for 1.7.2 

  • stampy longnose 6 years ago


  • Layla Kitten 6 years ago

    OMAGARSH!!!!! Dis is sooooo awesome!!

  • PixleChickPlaysMC 6 years ago

    that was amazeballz

  • Andy Do 6 years ago

    Did mod is sooooo awesome

  • K Kay 6 years ago

    how do you install mod do you have to install computercraft or what?

  • Gardian Eagle 6 years ago

    Doesnt work i use windows just says: please use Java 32 bit

  • Lacey Carmichael 6 years ago