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  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Minecraft VOID PARKOUR CHALLENGE! (Rainbow Jumps, Checkpoints & More!)
    w/PrestonPlayz 😀 

  • Andy Jonas 5 years ago

    Preston why didn’t you stop at some of the speed parts?

  • The Canadian Minecrafter 5 years ago

    Thanks for the daily vids preston

  • Selina Chun 5 years ago

    Watching this at 7:29 pm in Missouri! How about you?

  • Kevin Krier 5 years ago

    So this is what 360p looks like.

  • psgenerations 9414 5 years ago

    Preston you’re one of the best minecraft youtubers

  • Tyler Cooper 5 years ago

    Hey PRESTON,can you please play Organized Thief!?!Please I know you usually
    play Minecraft but please try something different or new!Stay cool!

  • WrekkedTv 5 years ago

    Preston, the parkour king!

  • Jenni_Gamer_FTW 5 years ago

    What happened to Prestons beautiful sexy facecam?!?

  • Hannah Meyer 5 years ago

    Recent emojis

  • Bmxyy 5 years ago

    Perston is love Perston is live… just like my favorite bug his name if

  • Th3Cr4fter 5 years ago

    It’s 1:51am Preston!!! WHY U UPLOAD DIS? WHY U DO DIS? :(

  • Outdoormedal88 5 years ago

    Preston! Ur the parkour God in my book

  • Inferno Creeper 5 years ago

    In england it is 44 mins past midnight LOL

  • Dragon men 5 years ago


  • DjWafflez // The Leader Of The WaffleArmy 5 years ago

    Do this map again but with someone else :D

  • David Martinez 5 years ago


  • Haniel Davison 5 years ago

    Preston, Check your skype :)

  • Aden Boardman 5 years ago

    this is weired because i got 50 secondz

  • Preston Garrison 5 years ago

    Wow one second ha ha also my name is Preston like yours

  • 10kSubsWithoutVideos ? 5 years ago

    Help me reach my goal! <3 a +1 would be amazing!

  • Harvey Dimmock 5 years ago

    How do you break the bedrock to get to the void

  • Vinh Le 5 years ago

    Its imposible for you to get under 100 seconds if you dont take it slow in
    the speed part you stupid idiot and thats how you got 108 seconds on your
    first try you idiot

  • Kayla TheDino 5 years ago

    Wish VBOS worked for me. I turn them on, and all my blocks glitch out..