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  • Jerenis Acevedo 5 years ago

    u should have kept dah chicken to breed w/ drumstick and get baby chickens
    and FOOD

  • Logdotzip 5 years ago
  • DW KZ 5 years ago

    guys what shall i do? when i downloaded the map and joined the game all i
    was in is in the planet with only a book i wasnt in my spaceship!and i cant
    find my space ship

  • Col Lar 5 years ago

    Commenting before completing video but, cook the seasoned flesh in a
    furnace for some good hearty food

  • Ethan Brown 5 years ago

    When smelting wet foliage put an empty bucket in the coal slot to get water

  • Rodrigo Canales 5 years ago

    i dont know if you are meant to do this and idk if you are gonna want to do
    it becasue is a little chatey:

    wet foliage is a wet sponge so if you put a bucket where the fuel goes when
    you are smelting it you will get a bucket of water and then place it on the
    cauldron(wood barrel) to fill it with water to refill your bottles although
    i dont know if you are meant to use that as an advantage btw dont try
    placing water it will only last like 6 secs till it evaporates

  • Benjamin Wopereis 5 years ago

    If you want water easy well its easy! Step 1 you need to cook wet foliage
    makes sure to cook it with only 1 oak plank. Step 2. While its cooking put
    a empty bucket in the fuel slot of the furnace once it’s finished cooking
    you’ll have dry foliage and a water bucket!

  • rithvik cuddapah 5 years ago

    dude, make the episodes a little longer
    i get disappointed when the episodes end so quickly
    thanks in advance :)

  • MelCraft FTW 5 years ago

    Under 301 Club! xD

  • GarchompThe Eight 5 years ago

    Get more slime balls in more food ……

  • MountainMarker 5 years ago

    TIP: You can place sand directly on the sieve. You don’t need to drop it
    from a block above.

  • Night Ranger 5 years ago

    go 2 723/48/-1949.125 in the next vid plz

  • awemanrank100 5 years ago

    Hey there! More tips. (A little late this time, though. :P)
    1. This is whether you WANT to do it or not, I’m not completely sure it’s
    1a. Because Wet Foliage is actually a Wet Sponge, you can get water
    from it by using the “vanilla method”. While the Wet Foliage is smelting,
    put a bucket in the fuel slot. After it’s done smelting, the bucket will
    1b. Also, you seem to be able to make a pair of Shears out of iron.
    (The Shears thing I’m fairly certain is cheating, while the Wet Foliage,
    I’m not sure.)
    2. Exact damage for Cactus Juice and Eye Juice is 3 and 6, respectively.
    Keep in mind that all drinks will restore 10 Hydration.
    3. Melons and Apples will be very useful. Melons will restore 2 Hydration,
    while Apples will restore 5 Hydration. Another source of Hydration, if
    4. Because of redstone magic, Creepers have an extremely rare, (though
    possible) chance of dropping seeds and saplings. Useful if you accidentally
    use up all of it.
    5. Make those Bone Crooks. (No more punching random mobs!)
    6. If you really want to waste ammo, you’ll have to do one of two things.
    6a. Make a Steel Sword. (So you have a backup weapon that still does a
    good amount of damage.)
    6b. Make more ammo. You can craft Redstone Shards with 6 Redstone and 1
    7. Just drink water. Keep in mind that the max Hydration is 100, as well as
    Temperature. (It’s also 100.) When Hydration reaches 0 or Temperature
    reaches 100, there will be some pretty bad effects inflicted on you. This
    includes constant damage. If you ever have any spare water, and less than
    91 Hydration, drink it! You won’t be wasting any. (As all drinks replenish
    10 Hydration.)

  • Phonixz - Bike Race and more 5 years ago


  • Hilman syazri 5 years ago

    Wait did jason say i have sinks? Or Six?

  • DanTheMinekidR9 5 years ago

    301+ any1?! :D

  • Arminecraft 5 years ago

    Love this serie! Don’t stop uploading it, you would make a mistake!

  • anthony orzechowski 5 years ago

    don’t drink eye juice its insta damage

  • Fong chang 5 years ago

    Logdotzip warning if u ever get to the penguin invasion just light up a
    nether portal but do not put anything in your 1st inventory because you
    gonna lose it for ever! if u ask how i know i went to creative mode and
    played with some stuff and did achivments u will get an item in your
    inventory so move what ever is on your first inventory.

  • Kearen Labelle 5 years ago

    make a stone pick and take iron from the ship

  • Dragonslayer34 5 years ago

    how do u get the animals to follow u

  • CloudSmash Gaming 5 years ago

    if you guys ever fined the pyramids… do NOT step on the middle pressure

  • TortoiseChannel 5 years ago

    Give me all your money

  • Tobias Higginbottom 5 years ago

    I think Jeffery is going mad…

  • MC Tiger 5 years ago

    try making a tree farm then you can get more saplings
    then you can make a mush then water?