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  • YOGSCAST Martyn 5 years ago

    Keep an eye out for Mario Kart 8 DLC either tomorrow or Friday, 200cc

  • Finlay robson 5 years ago

    Tom was selling a boat

  • RandomMountain 5 years ago

    I personally love watching Martyn play minecraft and I would love it if he
    started a new minecraft series! But that’s just my opinion – I guess it’s a
    marmite thing.

  • Edvinas Čelkis 5 years ago

    I am making an escapists map with all the original escapists features, but
    it will take a while

  • DW KZ 5 years ago

    Tom sells the boat

  • Jaden Yap 5 years ago

    Yes Martyn, someone WAS selling the boat. 

  • funny cats137 5 years ago

    Make a story. I will start. A man with a bloody shirt 

  • QuiettiDragon 15 5 years ago

    My name’s Karl and so is one of the prisoners❗Awesome❕

  • Gnator8t4 5 years ago


  • Jess Page 5 years ago

    “Sinch” is spelled “cinch”… Close enough Martyn.

  • Norman Alastair 5 years ago

    Already got mk8 dlc 😛 and got the trophies on gp

  • FlamingYeti 5 years ago

    Turn on VBOs!

  • Bad Ulla 5 years ago

    Martyn this was aleight but i would prefer you playing fan-made maps 

  • Blizzard Blaze 5 years ago

    Martyn was blind. Someone was selling a boat.

  • Ninjaslades Realm 5 years ago

    I’ll try and get my servers build team together and get our redstoners and
    see if they wanna give it a shot but I still will need to work on a league
    of legends map along with I want to just play other games that aren’t
    minecraft but if you’re interested I’ll attempt it (or if you’re more
    interested in LoL I’ll build that)

  • Aiden French 5 years ago

    you didn’t sync the music properly

  • FallenSach 5 years ago

    stop checking desks the items aren’t randomly generated on minecraft’s
    escapist version its pointless

  • redorbpresentations 5 years ago

    Happy 1.6k videos Martin 

  • Noah Staniforth 5 years ago

    Tom had a boat

  • Hyper Sloth 5 years ago

    Let’s start a story! A young girl ordered pizza but she didn’t have enough

  • calvin alvarado 5 years ago


  • MujGaming 5 years ago

    I’m at 520 by tonight aiming for 540 the +1 would be amazing :)

  • Aniqa Rahim 5 years ago

    oh you are kidding me……Tom had a boat for sale **facepalm**

  • DMEW Rell 5 years ago

    08:07 +YOGSCAST Martyn From what I’ve gathered, some friendly mobs only
    seem to spawn within certain y-level hieghts, such as the squid at about