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  • YOGSCAST Martyn 5 years ago

    NEW VIDEO! Minecraft: The Escapists Map (Part 1)

  • Professional Bob 5 years ago

    I wonder if it would be possible to jump over the fence from the prison
    wall at 13:17

  • Neos616 5 years ago

    I tried this map once. I didn’t really like it…

  • mushqe 5 years ago

    This looks completely ass. like really bad.

  • JuliusJesse 5 years ago

    Where is Little and Cubed?

  • Programmed Persona 5 years ago


  • Timothy Haung 5 years ago

    I wish I had to skillz to make a map like this but I can’t even make a
    piston work in mine craft lol :P

  • Garrett McKinney 5 years ago

    pls go back to the Escapists Martyn pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Master Ofu 5 years ago

    The fact that someone even attempted to recreate this in Minecraft is to me
    very impressive by itself.

  • NetherBow 5 years ago

    He said there was going to be more Escapists, I never knew he meant this.

  • Vir0l 5 years ago


  • MinecraftSss 5 years ago

    not kidding, some textures are from the old AdventureCraft modpack :D

  • ProjectDarkness 5 years ago

    yes more minecraft its been a long time!

  • Wizardspoon 5 years ago

    ew no minecraft

  • joni waly 5 years ago

    Shower to low your fatigue

  • Sebadoo ! 5 years ago

    This is missing a lot

  • Alfie Moran 5 years ago

    The diamond minecart did this

  • oftheBlazingNinjas 5 years ago

    Even though I never actually watched your Escapists videos, I am already
    enjoying this.

  • DDiamondProductionss 5 years ago

    you need to get to the generator in the guards place, disable it, cut the
    fence with a fence cutter, place a boat and ESCAPE!

  • Pikar1m 5 years ago

    The premise for this map is good however it has been done quite shabbily
    like the map maker rushed this. The map maker obviously hasn’t optimised it
    and this map could have been done so much better. This map kinda annoys me,
    I got like this little itch while I was watching it.

  • naserfrans 5 years ago

    How did they make a key in vanilla minecraft?

  • Thang Phan 5 years ago

    The keys does work, but remember in the game the doors only gets lock after
    evening rollcall

  • Buddergirl34 5 years ago

    +YOGSCAST Martyn You aren’t meant to have that key…

  • Vik With The K 5 years ago

    I don’t like this!

  • Androxime The Gamer 5 years ago

    I haven’t actually been watching many of your videos lately. The only ones
    I did watch were te gta v ones and the minecraft ones. I missed your
    minecraft videos.