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  • HuskyMUDKIPZ 5 years ago

    Minecraft Stranded Deep! “Island Hopping!” (Vanilla Minecraft) Episode 2 w/

  • MyLifeAs Caroline 5 years ago

    Here are some tips that can help you get better HuskyMUDKIPZ
    1.Bring a bed to the islands you go to, when it is night go to sleep than
    break it.
    2. Please make a boat dock, you keep losing so many boats

  • Gamingwith Shadic 5 years ago

    Make A bridge

  • Austin jordan 5 years ago

    *cough* technically the island is just the outer layers of an underwater
    hotspot. In the case of the Hawaiian islands, each of the islands was, at
    some point or another. On top of that hotspot. The crust eventually moves
    far enough away for another island to form over time 

  • Christian Cavanaugh 5 years ago

    good one! keep it up

  • Fotis Anagnostou 5 years ago

    Where is SkyFactory 2?!?! I need it in my life…I wuv it..Anyway nice

  • E3ripN3ezzXtr_eme 5 years ago

    Not first.

  • LCMCrafter04 5 years ago

    Quinten i think you missed an iron on the second island you went to

  • DragonSlayer 195 5 years ago

    If you reply I will cry.

  • martynas latsvinkas 5 years ago

    i am youre 235 viewer

  • Gianni Valentine 5 years ago

    What texture pack do you use????

  • Preston Carter 5 years ago

    Can u make sum dead riseing3

  • Kristina Riggs 5 years ago

    Husky im on my moms username and I saw the first one and I saw this one now
    and I luv ur video

  • harrytm12 5 years ago

    read your book you never read it

  • ZAK THE GAMER 5 years ago


  • DjMaster Wolf 5 years ago

    Y u no upload sky factory two!

  • Connor Bratby 5 years ago

    Why is your pixlmon severe closed

  • tsnuknoidrednas 5 years ago

    22th because i can

  • Kyan Radu 5 years ago

    Make a wood house

  • RAMYAR Nabaz 5 years ago

    You get potato killing zombies 

  • AJ Hunter 5 years ago

    Do more stranded deep

  • Leonor Sanchez 5 years ago

    Make a doc for your ships

  • adhdgaming cb 5 years ago


  • Corina Kidd 5 years ago

    Standard deep

  • Tyler Shepard 5 years ago

    More plz