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  • Logdotzip 5 years ago
  • Ender Reaper 5 years ago

    Hi there! U should play the escapists!!! Please!

  • CAVEHUNTERKID YouTube 5 years ago

    “If you kill me, I will be really upset” LogDotZip 2015

  • Hatless Magician 5 years ago

    If I were you I would have been like, “This is the end….. Not really *activates
    creative mode* I’ma bust out of here!

  • DiamondCraft 5 years ago

    Welcome to the Under 301+ Club how tough are ya

  • Thomas Lewis 5 years ago

    was there actually mole people?.

  • gray davies 5 years ago

    I love this mole people map and can u do more only one command I love it!!!

  • Emily Wood 5 years ago

    I’m dying the way u said goodbye the long pause made me laugh so hard

  • Rage Attacks 5 years ago

    2nd dislike….too much sweg…haters gonna hate…. ur that 1 person that
    stares at comments… lel… :)

  • Reza Wegberg van 5 years ago

    If you didnt think a
    Day how you now the is gone????????

  • RandomGuy 5 years ago

    You’re amazing. You deserve way more likes and views.

  • Madiyar Seidaly 5 years ago

    29th comment,227th view
    under 301 club:luigi poop

  • Wim Reuvekamp 5 years ago

    Anyone notice he changed the texture pack back to default?

  • CowsGoMoo 5 years ago

    177 like. .3. not much to brag about, but its something..

  • Joshua Henry 5 years ago

    how did you forget about the ladder in a chest in the supplies room

  • muk flu 5 years ago

    Does it mean you have to stay

  • Bezenders 5 years ago

    OMG. I love this map thingy I give this a thumbs up

  • Craft Gaming 5 years ago


  • zehan hossain 5 years ago

    Just love the vids keep making them and be happy

  • gamecloud 5 years ago

    <3 LogDotZip Your AWESOME!

  • anthony orzechowski 5 years ago

    that was the worst ending ever no boss fights no epic escape no explosions
    ): why why you do dis

  • Matthes Fogtmann 5 years ago