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  • dragonlord871000 6 years ago

    Whatever happened to the good old custom zombies? with Bentley and spider

  • Liam Madill 6 years ago

    U do it wrong I am laughing? at u

  • TipsAndTricksPals 6 years ago

    Come and see are video if u watch? it I hope u like it

  • TipsAndTricksPals 6 years ago

    Hi good video come and see are video on this i hope u like it if u watch? it

  • Donovan Maas 6 years ago

    also the warp thing is where you get sent to a room where it? shoots all the items at you.

  • Donovan Maas 6 years ago

    the spawners are created using a custom filter for MCedit made by sethbling. also the command block is not in? the creative inventory it is can only be found in SPC or NEI/TMI the item code for them if you have cheats on is 137.

  • NickisMokey 6 years ago

    Whats? your Specs Meaty?

  • richardson2071 6 years ago

    again lol?

  • MERCENARYTAO1 6 years ago

    meaty, look up disco’s channel on youtube. he is THE GOD? of redstone!

  • GalacticTrickz 6 years ago

    Do the bonus?

  • Armil Dane Crisolo 6 years ago

    U dont need mods to get? command blocks

  • Armil Dane Crisolo 6 years ago

    U can get command blocks by typing ” /give (name) 137? 1″ or 138

  • Armil Dane Crisolo 6 years ago

    Lol first time? meaty ” used” a command block map

  • Skitzo520 6 years ago

    dude you don’t know FVdisco? with all the minecraft you play? check out his channel? ASAP

  • Absolut187 6 years ago


  • ferenuigter11 6 years ago

    where are the? sound effects meaty!!!!!!

  • toadstrul 6 years ago


  • maik1999blackops 6 years ago

    it did? lolz

  • maik1999blackops 6 years ago

    it wont ever get? a crafting recipe,it’s a cheating machine

  • Dev Patel 6 years ago

    how do i get? mods???

  • ZeKe2300 6 years ago

    nor is there anything in what you? just said that made sense.

  • Kevin Doyle 6 years ago

    meaty? was younger no way!!!!

  • brofmystir 6 years ago

    oh? meaty!!!

  • xxJohnnyLGxx 6 years ago

    Read the bonus quest? book!

  • B3astGirlGam3r 6 years ago

    A mod is short for a modification. Creative isn’t a modification if the developers intended it to be used.? I believe that you are right that mcedit is a mod, but not creative.

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