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  • Vikkstar123HD - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Minecraft SKY GRID SPEED RUN #6 ‘FINALE!’ with Vikkstar (Minecraft Skygrid

  • Goldenz - Minecraft PE 5 years ago

    Loving the series sadly it had to end :(

  • Maksim Mayster 5 years ago

    Please hurry up with HTM season 2 I can’t wait much longer,life without HTM
    is sad…

  • Weston Stockard 5 years ago

    Sky factory 2 with the whole pack (Laclan, rolled, Preston, Mitch, and

  • Calie Hinton 5 years ago

    Cannot you do a series where you and another member of the pack have 25
    challenges and whoever completes the most wins or can you do a survival
    using lucky blocks

  • Koen Slager 5 years ago

    sky factory 2 with perston and rob

  • victor wang 5 years ago

    you could of used the torches on the bedrock for the egg but whatever

  • Eghosa Broderick 5 years ago

    I wanted Vikk to mine the diamonds sooo bad then could have got a boobplate

  • Jadon Joyner 5 years ago

    When is HTM coming back!!!

  • Jackkk 5 years ago

    12:45 Squid suicide

  • kimberly hawkins 5 years ago

    Vik hope you read this why don’t you do a new super Mario bros u lets play
    with Lachlan Rob and Preston its 4 players and Mitch could be in boost mode
    and you in the hard levels it’s a good game I have it or why don’t you play
    super smash bros wii u you could play 8 player smash its really fun so hope
    you read this comment

  • tyler Fletcher 5 years ago

    Feed the beast with the pack pls are do survival island with the pack pls

  • MJMADNESS! 5 years ago

    My mom said that if I hit 2000 subs by tomorrow I can get a PUPPY!! Help
    me out!

  • Shaheer Ahmed 5 years ago

    OMG Vikk you are so dedicated to what you do unlike a lot of other
    youtubers how do you keep going and how do you not have like more subs

  • TheUHCGod 5 years ago

    My mum said I can get a cat if I hit 100 subs by tomorow please guys I
    really want the cat :(

  • Art Kana 5 years ago

    vikkstar you can download the htm map map and complete your survival series

  • HydrusPlayz 5 years ago

    You had spawned 2 pigs and you even had 6 carrots, but you chose to kill
    them… Murderer

  • TheReal Freshie 5 years ago

    Your the best youtuber in the world

  • highrise gaming 5 years ago

    am i the only one who has never heard vikk say retard?

  • Nathan Bowler 5 years ago

    Vikks minecraft videos sound like he doesn’t put in the efffort compared to
    his gta videos. Btw I do love Vikk he’s like the best 

  • Xs Zulu Squad 5 years ago

    yo love u

  • Andreas Ioannides 5 years ago

    On ps3 is harder than on computer because ender dragon shooting something
    like fireballs and 2 of 10 tower have iron bars!!!!

  • La Chiva 5 years ago


  • braden chalupka 5 years ago

    Plzzzzzzzzz make more crazy craft plzzzzz

  • Kevin Garage 5 years ago

    Can you please do a crazy craft series with Lachlan