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  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Minecraft PISTON SLIME PARKOUR! w/ PrestonPlayz & @PeteZahHutt :D

  • KhangCrafter 5 years ago

    just run and laugh thats preston dudes :D

  • Bradley Beckett 5 years ago

    Petes a slimy 

  • ColonialCyborg 5 years ago

    Pete’s face tho…. Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

  • YRE-RvchSeaan! 5 years ago

    best youtuber has got to be the Preston, keep up the incredible videos .!!

  • SWAgGALiCiOUS Gamer 5 years ago

    Awww 3 way wish it was four way with Sara i cri every tim 

  • FalseDivide | MCSG 5 years ago

    Hello guys! Please help me reach 70 subscribers by tonight, it would really
    help and be greatly appreciated xD Thanks

  • Diamnd Watermalone 5 years ago


  • Bobby freddy 5 years ago

    Do a face reveal pls

  • Pixiedust14 jun 5 years ago


  • Sam Buxton 5 years ago

    Vik did the same when he saw pete

  • Fanvale Windslash 5 years ago

    under 10 views club how tough are ya?

  • Dave Scott 5 years ago

    Perrrrston you’re the coolest pleb I know!!!!

  • Wither Girl 5 years ago

    Pete has 1000 seconds on the dot! i don’t know why i think this is good
    news! probably because I’m half crazed and dumb just like my key board!

  • Christian Marcotte 5 years ago

    I just love how at 9:02 pete forgot they were saying bullshrimp and said
    bu!!$**t and Preston didn’t edit!!

  • Alluri Ankita 5 years ago

    His laugh and reactions!!! <3 Priceless :D

  • Joey Caldwell 5 years ago

    Now I see says the blind man. 12:45

  • Julian Ornelas 5 years ago

    Is Pete part of the pack?

  • HackstersGaming 5 years ago

    Preston do parkour maps will all the pack members

  • Louie BB 5 years ago

    0:44 – 0:56
    explains this video

  • Filip Trninic 5 years ago

    fck your minecraf poarkour do the real that isn’t eaven parkour you only
    jump noobs

  • Whyt3 Fury 5 years ago

    124th likes 253rd view! I’m so happy

  • Lyssa Kirby 5 years ago

    I am so glad my face didn’t melt. Thanks guys. :’)