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  • KenWorthGaming 〉 Minecraft! 5 years ago
  • arianolewis 5 years ago

    Difficulty 0 means difficulty peaceful.
    If you type /difficulty 0 it makes it peaceful, it is not the difficulty of
    the map!

  • Henry Roberts 5 years ago

    Cheater pete did it in the right game mode 

  • Rajveer Oberoi 5 years ago

    Can I get a like for Pete

  • PhantomFallOut 5 years ago

    I’m sure you get this a lot, but what texturepack do you use, looks really

  • The Incredible Mudkipz (315) 5 years ago

    Kenny if you hold shift the slime blocks won’t bounce you. 

  • DjWafflez // The Leader Of The WaffleArmy 5 years ago

    lol the ending RIP why you do this kenny D:

  • PizzaDeLaNeb| Neb's PvP Shack! 5 years ago

    “The Pete map”

  • Carson Cool 5 years ago

    Why u quit playing with Preston u seem to be more funny when u play with
    him just saying

  • Ayden Smeyers 5 years ago

    Oh on the part right before the ladder swing the invis blocks were jumps
    there were blocks every like 3 blocks if your confused watch petezahuts vid

  • Ayden Smeyers 5 years ago

    CONGRATZ on 100k that’s a big number

  • Renixz Playz 5 years ago

    +KenWorthGaming 〉 Minecraft! you should post cs go videos

  • charlene chen 5 years ago

    I like your coooooooooooooooooooooooool music

  • Oliver Harrison 5 years ago

    The NEw Invention! The Peter Map Maker 3000!

  • JCKing T.A.W 5 years ago

    whats your texture pack?

  • Alaa Ibrahim 5 years ago

    Hi Kenny your first

  • kyle redmond 5 years ago

    diificulty 0 = peaceful

  • Walterk Novoa 5 years ago

    Kenny change ur channel background

  • Kaiya Brown 5 years ago


  • Daniel Donahue 5 years ago

    Congratz on 100k kenworth ;)

  • Dexter Grif 5 years ago

    On slime blocks u can shift or jump, shift stops you completely, and
    jumping makes u not go as high or far 

  • KnightClasherGaming 5 years ago

    MOre vids with preston or are you two not friends anymore

  • ThatCrazyBanana1732- Minecraft 5 years ago

    Wow, I Like How He said it was a difficulty 5 map
    Pete Meant for no mobs/regen

  • Mike4Ever Craft 5 years ago

    He is saying with the double thing
    OH you did it But can you do it again ?

  • Aaron Grahl 5 years ago

    lvls’ of minecraft parkour
    1. NOOB
    2. Eh
    3. Moderate
    4. Interminate
    5. Pro
    6. Unbeattable
    7. +PeteZahHutt