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  • Conor Porteous 5 years ago

    Fantastic, Beef grew some balls and went for the wool! Still missed the
    easy way back/intersection 3

  • VintageBeef 5 years ago
  • KRUDDYMUSICIAN 5 years ago

    “We’ll be right back”

    You done lied guy

  • ColonialCyborg 5 years ago

    This map is never ceases to impress me!!! Looking forward to more vids on
    this map, I’ve been enjoying all of them so far! <3

  • bob smith 5 years ago

    Yay more Pantheon! I love this series!

  • MidNightMoon 5 years ago

    Did he finish terra restore with pause?

  • minerclan 5 years ago

    The intersection is Where the wool was!

  • iceplanetRC 5 years ago

    The entrance to intersection 3 is by where the wool was.

  • luke walkers 5 years ago

    Beef that gold Armour was protection ten like so he can see!

  • Allison Victoria 5 years ago

    What happened to terra restore?

  • Erik Arustamyan 5 years ago

    Dear chad:
    How about u stop dying so much and making Beef and guude look bad.
    Sincerely, all the people that view these videos.

  • ButterBoots 5 years ago

    Hey Beef, i havent been around for a while but coming back i see Mindcrack
    is gone..
    Is this permanent?

  • Rayram AureanBlue 5 years ago

    4:35 The mob down there has Chad’s iron pants and boots. One of you guys
    knocked that guy down there. Since he has player’s stuff, he can’t

  • I don’t understand why you guys think the blaze spawner in the middle is
    bad. I believe it’s there to stop people from going down to the box from
    the middle which makes it too easy to get the wool.

  • Caitlin Murphy 5 years ago

    Beef!!!! I have subscribed to you from the start and love you to pieces.
    You have changed my life and helped me through my anxiety, so thank you so
    much for being here and making YouTube videos. <3

  • Archer95 5 years ago

    Would be so cool if you took the spawners out with a tnt cannon :)

  • PhatAzz83 5 years ago

    +VintageBeef Down there where the fleecy box with all that lava is where
    the next intersection is. You missed it because you was in to much of a
    hurry and swam back up and didn’t take the time to look around.

  • MCMazzy 5 years ago

    How do they play these maps does someone have to have a multiplayer server
    and Then they download it?

  • Trooperandcooper Ale 5 years ago

    you didn’t come right back! awww

  • RagingEchos xD 5 years ago

    Beef you missed the next intersection in the pink wool area at the bottom
    inside the wall

  • Diamond Deb 5 years ago

    Nice job saving the day Beef. :D

  • Infinite Productions 5 years ago

    “We’ll be right back” I don’t like being lied to guys :/

  • Julie Allain 5 years ago

    Can You do unother ABBA caving with GOB

  • amphigorian 5 years ago

    Lol, Chad prefers ham – now even HE prefers Zisteau . . .
    Just kidding – I’m watching both map runs and they’re both pretty
    fantastic, but for totally different reasons. Keep up the great work, guys.

  • Joesant Davila 5 years ago

    Theres a special grave that gives you full diamond armor if you dig 3