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  • TheFury2o0o 5 years ago

    +Zisteau I think the silverfish started to break out of the blocks because
    a trap triggered two silverfish to spawn with the poison de-buff.

  • Zisteau 5 years ago
  • Spencer Jensen 5 years ago

    you missed another pick at 22:47

  • Drunken Hobo 5 years ago

    Isn’t that an AND gate rather than a NOT gate?

  • Dosage 5 years ago

    Zisteau ended up doing the same thing that my girlfriend did when we were
    playing this map together….except she actually broke the redstone and it
    ended up taking me forever to repair the damn thing by myself.

  • ralf blok 5 years ago

    Zisteau… I hope you noticed the pick at 22:41 during editing or
    something. If not, you should still go back for it (if you need it)

  • lassefar Thygesen 5 years ago

    You missed a diamond pickaxe in the little room with 5 double chest
    contaning “nothing”

  • HardkillerIV 5 years ago

    There was another diamond pick in the chests where you said there was

  • Brian Beggan 5 years ago

    22:45 Zisteau! There was another diamond pick in that middle chest!

  • crisis8v88 5 years ago

    I wonder why the map maker would allow the player to jump into the

  • Steve Potter 5 years ago

    Well I’m glad that I decided to read the comments before posting about the
    missed diamond pick! :-)

  • randomakerfilm 5 years ago

    you missed the diamond pick at 22:45

  • aethertech 5 years ago

    So far, I’ve seen nothing about this map that makes it rage-quit
    worthy…still, its only Intersection 3….


    Or…just use a block to trigger the not gate….

  • dascandy 5 years ago

    Zisteau, that was not nothing! Diamond pick, efficiency V… @22:40 ish

  • CobaltIngot 5 years ago

    You dun goofed Zistaeu, I think you were supposed to use the pick to mine
    that 1 block of obsidian. That block of obsidian could probably be used for
    something. Don’t let greediness get the best of you!

  • Kim Jong-un 5 years ago

    its nice you included me Zisteau

  • Roy Hess 5 years ago

    22:46 Nothing!! >:D

  • xAngoryx 5 years ago

    Not too shabby Z

  • Micha Swen 5 years ago

    Has “say goodbye spawnah!” Always been a catchphrase of Zisteau or is this
    since this CTM?

  • Thadiwyn 5 years ago

    Nice one Zisteau, as always!

  • Kevin Renfrow 5 years ago

    22:46 “Nothing” hovers over diamond pickaxe… “Nothing” =P

  • David Mertz 5 years ago

    I guess I’ll join the multiple people commenting about the diamond pick
    that you missed in the double chest.

  • Stealthwilde 5 years ago

    Exposed command blocks.

    …Seriously map makers?

  • Avantir Yihn 5 years ago

    That redstone area should not have been accessible… I mean, Zisteau
    shouldn’t have accessed it, but it shouldn’t have been possible to get
    there in the first place.

  • Alex C 5 years ago

    *Ignore all captives.*
    *Ask no questions.*
    *Eyes forward.*

    You ignored the instructions, so silverfish for you!