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  • PrintableCD1997 7 years ago


  • Hellraiser2397 7 years ago

    does this seed work? on xbox?

  • lewwyping 7 years ago

    your amzing at minecraft please can you do more of the? punchwood island vids I watch them all the time they are sooooooo coooooool thanks.

  • Joel Robinson 7 years ago

    The creeper and enderman? where like hey zombie why are you suffering in the gravel dude

  • AceProductions77 7 years ago

    Does it? work on Xbox

  • blokz360 7 years ago

    Skeleton? bullier

  • jungelkarl 7 years ago

    I’ve? got superman converse

  • Mihai Zubenschi 7 years ago


  • Thdndnndj 7 years ago

    What is in the bit you didnt go? to

  • aarswingswing 7 years ago

    Here comes the random 9 year old who doesn’t know shit about minecraft!? Yaaaay!

  • kobe123456gates45 7 years ago

    Fuck U Cunt Call Him A Stupid You fuck with me?

  • FuckinStoned420 7 years ago

    Most seeds that are from before 1.8 came out for the pc or before 1.8 comes out for the xbox DO work on xbox, but anything 1.8 and later is a totally dif generation. No need to lie or get mad people? im just statin facts

  • jessbern1974 7 years ago

    im gessing? diamond is back there

  • owogorga123456 7 years ago

    got a new pc trying not to make it bad by dowloding zips? and things

  • jdvids100 7 years ago

    a? mob spawner

  • jdvids100 7 years ago

    @zacharyrupp mob spawner

  • jdvids100 7 years ago

    @Zachary Rupp a mob spwaner?

  • likewhatijustsaid 7 years ago

    It doesn’t work in 1.2.5!? The land generation changes from update to update.

  • likewhatijustsaid 7 years ago

    No, it? just doesn’t work in 1.2.5. He made this in 1.0 you stupid.

  • MurderotiiK 7 years ago

    ty, everyone if u can’t find the strongholde, just follow the? eye of the enders.

  • sammy Tanner 7 years ago

    this is fake you? stupid

  • Zachary Rupp 7 years ago

    whats beihind the gold? and lava?

  • MrScubasteve109 7 years ago

    not sure whats going on, but when i use the seed, it spawns me in a totally different place and the coords on your screen take me to somewhere that is way? different for me with no stronghold :( Anyone know whats going on? (structures are on, used seed: minecraftmom, playing 1.2.5)

  • Bob Evans 7 years ago

    presidents of the united states? – peaches

  • McRevenge Lp 7 years ago