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  • iVlogKid 7 years ago

    BOO? MothaFucka

  • smgsnipezx bob 7 years ago

    the graphics? are terrible

  • bladebolt24 7 years ago

    what is the ip for this sever and my friend want’s to be your friend on xbox
    please reply? thanks :)

  • Doodledoo70001 7 years ago

    It keeps? pausing

  • slimyslug100 7 years ago

    golf lol?

  • slimyslug100 7 years ago

    past? it do some more please

  • CPbartsshow 7 years ago

    I heard you talk about this on another vid so? don’t try

  • CPbartsshow 7 years ago

    What do you mean? so close?

  • finnanderson03 7 years ago

    I’ve met double0negative on skitscapes server?

  • NoClipOG 7 years ago

    U should have? said a storm a bruing

  • Tom Byrnes 7 years ago

    that was dog?

  • Tom Byrnes 7 years ago

    yes so close ?

  • Nodbqt 7 years ago

    Hi there everyone, I’m a 19 years old guys coming from a small country, I uploaded my first video every yesterday, and it’s minecraft comentary
    -i’v got funny strange accent
    -i like to talk a lot
    -i talk with myself
    -other ppl think i’m crazy
    -i’m doing this for fun
    so go check my channel out pls, i’v got 50 AMAZING subsribers in just one day, and if you don’t? forget, rate videos, comment and subscribe for more, see you there!! 😀

  • minecraftingz101 7 years ago

    Can someone? give me a microscope to see the dislike bar

  • THEmickZURINSKAS 7 years ago

    I only came to this video because of your? facebook post 😀

  • SuperInferno777 7 years ago

    we’ll? bring it up to 1mil!

  • TheSyndicateProject 7 years ago

    So? close to 1,000,000 Views!

  • evanna cox 7 years ago

    I saw? this from Utorak’s Vision.

  • MrTysongiles 7 years ago

    You got to be kidding me Syn!? Iron is better than gold!

  • UptightCrafter 7 years ago

    Iron? is waaaay better golf fegrades faster and is weaker.

  • XxFSUBALLxX 7 years ago

    Iron sword Is way better!?

  • Mailli McCormack 7 years ago


  • james reising 7 years ago

    XD i know evry one? in that game

  • Cam Nichols 7 years ago


  • noealex42 7 years ago

    I sud?