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  • Kai200213 7 years ago

    butter ?

  • Matthew Lojko 7 years ago

    how do i get? minecraft universe

  • 18aidanme 7 years ago

    its not buder its? budder

  • Dustin Giarratana 7 years ago

    U guys are AWESOME!!! BEST VIDEO MC? PEOPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DevilDavid2003 7 years ago

    do you realy think heal die? easly if hease a boss

  • amaury albert 7 years ago

    how do i do to dowload this map for co op player


  • HybridDarkWolf 7 years ago


  • fantalover2 7 years ago

    the reason it took so many hits to kill the skelaton king was because? of his BUDER crown/helmet

  • cole way 7 years ago

    Freakin Sweet U? Guys Are Bosses

  • CowMoter 7 years ago

    Tin – Ass -? City

  • Cassidy P 7 years ago


  • Miguel Castro 7 years ago

    u? r awesome guys!

  • nateorosz999 7 years ago

    your? stupid

  • nate poling 7 years ago

    now i? see it from both sides

  • jason bickford 7 years ago

    Thats sounds amazing how you come? up with this stuff. :)

  • Phlook 7 years ago

    sultan your? stupid

  • Sultan Almuhairbi 7 years ago

    im stuck some where in the mansion i want? to get out i dont know what to do need help :/

  • AwesomeOcelotGuy 7 years ago

    u? are so very stupid

  • dude9942 7 years ago

    what is? the texture pack

  • sophia yamaguchi 7 years ago

    hey dinkey or trueMU or minecraft universe can you do skyblock with adam or? skydoesminecraft? mostly everyone would wanna see it

  • colenighthawk 7 years ago

    do? you guys have like scripts for whaen you do adventure maps like these

  • 125125147 7 years ago

    i will say this. i played this myself and so did captainsparklez and i think most of us who played this map can agree the guy who made this must have been raging for a while during the creation of this whole map and when you play it let’s just say that you’ll need an army for? it and you’ll hate this map for a while

  • Kango Moussa 7 years ago

    gg ?

  • jp plush 7 years ago

    BIG fan of u and sky I like the awesome way u guys play parcore maps if you have xbox360 my tag is JPmasterzone lol

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