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  • Logdotzip 5 years ago

    Herobrine has been SUMMONED into Minecraft 1.8!? Check out this mini-movie
    about herobrine! :D

  • Moshi Minecraft8 5 years ago

    Really had to upload this… I wanted something new… I have seen this 3
    times today

  • jpdude98 5 years ago

    That intro thooooo! That was intense! Gave me the chills haha! O.o
    Great job Tyler :D

  • pedroawesome 5 years ago

    Why is this all dantdm ?! XD

  • IJAMinecraft 5 years ago

    Lol, that was awesome! The intro was almost like a movie :D

  • Android Man 5 years ago

    SO AWESOME! I loved it! I’m replaying that yo!

  • TheRedEngineer 5 years ago

    The cinematic is fantastic! I love it as i love this creation.

  • mrblackrock555 5 years ago

    That intro, I wanna see you do more at your full potential 

  • RPGgrenade 5 years ago

    hey +Logdotzip if I make a mod thing in one or two commands, can I send it
    to you somehow? or is it just whoever gets lucky enough when making these
    things =P

  • PorcupinePower 5 years ago

    That intro was holly(wood) like!

    See what I did there? No? Fine

    *runs away*

  • Jannes Kruidenier 5 years ago

    Dont blink! You spot the doctor who revrence?

  • snowsurfer73 5 years ago

    Hay, Logdotzip. How to do get/summon drum-stick? (your pet chicken) If you
    know how can you make a video on it? because I want to see if I can make a
    wolf like drum-stick that can do all those things. I will call him THOR!
    ;). but I don’t know how to summon drum-stick to get started. so again can
    you make a video on it! PLS!! ;(. (if any1 agrees with me can u like this
    comment so he knows)

  • Ferko Pis 5 years ago

    i dont know vanilla minecraft do i have tom download minecraft vanilla ot
    just normal minecraft PLZ HELP

  • Jfmdhfk kdndiemjdkwneksn 5 years ago


  • David Minecraft 5 years ago


  • Kostantinos Hajiantonis 5 years ago

    lol it reminds me of some shoe commercials

  • MinecraftSurfer0 5 years ago

    WAIT! I grabbed popcorn for nothing??? AWWW

  • DW KZ 5 years ago

    hey guys you do realise there is a command to get a sword wich does like
    99999999 damage

  • Grayson Paris 5 years ago

    I STARTED CRACKING UP WHEN YOU SAID”baby” lol man you crack me up check
    your notifactions because I just subbed!

  • David Fletcher 5 years ago

    Am i the only one who pronounces Herobrine “Hear-o-br-eye-n” 

  • VoidCreeper 5 years ago

    Look at my Minecraft channel 

  • Jake Gerber 5 years ago

    Herobrine is REAL!!!!!!!

  • raphael serafin 5 years ago

    I was wondering herobrine should be MORE OP than that (for more intense
    battle) He should be holding a diamond pickaxe or diamond sword (Pickaxe
    should be Sharpness V or above like VI and it has fire aspect also
    knockback) Diamond sword will be only Sharpness V and other enchantments…
    But it would be sick if he spawns other mobs or maybe he should be riding
    on a horse or skeleton horse… OR HE SHOULD RIDE ON THE ENDERDRAGON (if
    just sayin if you guys make it harder it would be awesome Just put one

  • Aiden Mason-Zimmer 5 years ago

    when a ball is immersed in water it displaces 36pi cubic centimeters of
    water what is the radius of the ball?

  • SnoodPvP 5 years ago

    There is another way for you to lose them, breaking while fighting mobs