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  • Penny Kegon 7 years ago

    dude, Tye, sky, wjat has happened here..??

  • thang dao 7 years ago

    ur? calling ur own comment stupid and saying that u and lassehemberg are the same person

  • zoe adams 7 years ago

    did you? write down 7

  • randolphtan02 7 years ago

    7Is the number you? dick

  • Francesco Lupinacci 7 years ago

    77777 the? stupid number is7

  • TheHALO4SNIPER 7 years ago


  • Darius Sawyer 7 years ago

    Fuckuing stupid how you can’t swim in flowing water while? dying

  • pokemonboy9776 7 years ago

    sky owns? parkour in this map…. only luck

  • pillowfang 7 years ago

    in the? place u got ur wolf…

  • pillowfang 7 years ago

    there was? a small door underwater

  • chuen rui 7 years ago

    sky dont leave da doggy?

  • chuen rui 7 years ago

    the poor doggy……. sky, i hate? u

  • Brandon Zepeda 7 years ago

    the missing # is? 7

  • binnasamuel 7 years ago

    Missed number seven? SkY

  • De Mo 7 years ago

    there? was a number 7 sky!

  • Cubygirll 7 years ago

    Swim up sky? SWIM UP!!!!!NOOOOOO

  • Brandon Grier 7 years ago

    Sky? do you make videos other than minecraft?

  • EMBOAR2001 7 years ago

    sky in end they? didn’t put you down as a tester only deadlox

  • John Smith 7 years ago

    sky does parkour

  • Steven Bozas 7 years ago

    u missed 7 after? challenge 2

  • Wendy Espita 7 years ago

    ..can’t u lyk check the? paintings!!

  • chromemillenium FX 7 years ago

    7 it’s 7?

  • oscar nagy 7 years ago

    hi sky can you do a video once with me and you doing the hunger games.?

  • Aaron Pamenter 7 years ago

    lol deadlox is like your best friend and his real name is Ty just like my best friend his name? is Ty!

  • kakashifan2012 7 years ago

    …and the 6?

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