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  • Logdotzip 5 years ago

    It’s been too long, but Heads Up, people! New special deck :)

  • Phoenix SC 5 years ago

    Woot! So much fun!

  • TheRedEngineer 5 years ago

    Woo i didn’t know that Logdotzip knows pokèmons so well!

  • SnivyPlayz 5 years ago

    being a pokemon master this hurts to hear “a grass type” for pinsir

  • Aahil Baloch 5 years ago

    U still owe me a bike


  • Ash Potato 5 years ago

    HEY. im Ash Ketchum. mmkay? okay. get over yourselves.

  • Arminecraft 5 years ago


  • FunWithGames 5 years ago

    I was so confused then i noticed that the name of the pokemon is above the
    person playing’s head.

  • Lorenzo Matson 5 years ago

    Moore pokemon yaaaaazz!!!!!!

  • Ultrafireknight 5 years ago

    When are you going to release this map?

  • The Gaming Wolf 5 years ago

    No I’m not going to write first :/

    But this was really well made :D

  • Gareth Bloemeke 5 years ago

    I kind of dislike that Phoenix said that the original 151 were from fire
    red leaf green and not red blue and green.

  • Emily Kirkton 5 years ago

    Awesome vid Tyler but is there a way to download this game???

  • Zach John 5 years ago

    Do TDM

  • Aghyad Alhaji 5 years ago


  • UrgedNinjaMonkey 5 years ago

    I am proud Tyler you have shown your true inner Pokemon nerdism :’)

  • I-Cold-I 5 years ago

    The lobby reminds me of roblox….i hate roblox

  • jr ramirez 5 years ago

    reminds me of laine :(

  • Aj Jones 5 years ago

    Love your vids Tyler! Keep it up!

  • Ashley Sujin Kim 5 years ago

    Could you add a REDSTONE deck? and invite people like theredengineer and

  • Christopher L 5 years ago

    Isnt that any world download?

  • DJC does MC :D 5 years ago

    Um dat intro 

  • Did anyone realize the description says, “Minecraft | Heads Up! | DAN IS
    NOT ON FIRE! | Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up In Minecraft!”

  • gonzalo spurr 5 years ago

    actualy its original 190 somthing take out a few missingno is born