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  • SpinningGamer | MCSG 5 years ago

    This is a classic Jerome video. Loved it ;)

  • JeromeASF 5 years ago
  • Andrew Melendez 5 years ago


  • Hypergamer Wolf 5 years ago

    In my own minecraft world, i measured approximately 6 blocks per second,
    just sprtinting without a jump. If one block is one meter, and a meter is
    approximately one yard (3 feet), you run about 18 feet a second. At that
    rate, in one minute, you run 1,080 feet. In one hour, you run 64,800 feet,
    which is about 12.272 miles. Then in one day, you would run 1,555,200 feet,
    which is about 294.545 miles. In other words, you run about 12.3 mph
    (without loosing hunger).

  • Carrisson Hooks 5 years ago

    +JeromeASF #BrainlessBacca

  • bevis tneh 5 years ago

    30000 likes for 50 mins please?

  • Jamie Wise 5 years ago

    Great video!!! I watched the whole thing! #brainlessbacca 

  • MrGamer17 5 years ago

    Great video Jerome! I am looking forward to more maps like this! Stay
    awesome, and #brainlessbacca and just because, #brainlessbenj

  • vincent sportiello 5 years ago

    Wanna Debate whos better Jerome Or Mitch Click here –>
    http://www.poll-maker.com/poll298608x5D551EC3-11 <——-

  • Tadhg Ryan 5 years ago

    No Hate but a 2 larger could of been better , just a bit too long .But it
    was amazing.

  • Emma Sheehan 5 years ago


  • Mattagor 5 years ago


  • grace nelson 5 years ago


  • Cat Anita 5 years ago


  • SaJean Alford 5 years ago


  • bigdoggy jay 5 years ago

    like the whole thing and brainless bacca

  • Jack Moran 5 years ago


  • Jared Gwin 5 years ago


  • Awesomeness 5 years ago


  • Neanderthalcow 5 years ago

    I rage just from watching these.

  • GreaseMonkeyProductions 5 years ago


  • Devyansh Sharma 5 years ago


  • Dylan Kearsley 5 years ago

    12:40 around that at least “I. think I’m 2/3 done”

  • zach osterhage 5 years ago


  • foxy the king 5 years ago