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  • Vikkstar123HD - Minecraft 4 years ago

    Minecraft DOUBLE DROPPER CHALLENGE with Vikkstar & PeteZahHutt (Minecraft
    Dropper Map)

  • Gintoki Sakata 4 years ago

    Someone needs to make an animation out of the intro :,)

  • ryan lynch 4 years ago

    Plz go back to 3 a day

  • Herp Derp 4 years ago

    Lachlan is going to get mad you aren’t his best friend

  • Annette Hasnas 4 years ago

    So, basically, Vik was sooo much better than Pete. Totally.

  • frankie bauer 4 years ago

    holy mother of god, his perspective of this thing makes me want to shoot
    somebody lol. Its death after death after death lmao.

  • Gavin McLaurin 4 years ago

    Pete has friends?

  • ColonialCyborg 4 years ago

    Dropper is such a cool map! Please do more challenges like this one Vikk!!!

  • Neku Sakurab 4 years ago

    That opening doe, with Pete XD

  • Kabir Kwatra 4 years ago

    Is Pete In The Pack?

  • Frozzones 4 years ago

    “Watch Vikk Die 100 times” should be the title. xD
    2300 people enjoyed watching Vikk die. 50 wished he died more xD

  • Snake282000 4 years ago

    Pete is still in school?

  • Darren Chan 4 years ago

    Every parkour video with Vikk is a R.I.P. Space bar…

  • Jonathan Low 4 years ago

    Best joke ever:

    Knock Knock

    Who’s there?

    Old Lady

    Old Lady Who

    I didn’t know you could yodel

  • Ioannis Bado 4 years ago

    How old is pete?

  • Uber Exodus 4 years ago

    Pete is still in high school? He sounds like he’s in his 20’s

  • Sheri Ulrich 4 years ago

    Pete’s face is so funny I was laughing the whole entire time!

  • CyberHazard 4 years ago

    Is vik a Virgin ??!

  • aaron andrews 4 years ago

    wtf is with youtube I’ve watched about 20 advertisements before I have even
    gotten to the end. I don’t understand 😛 its probably just me

  • Ace Pro 4 years ago

    7th comment
    U rock vikkstar123(aka molestar123)

  • ASFCanadian-BaccaBenja 4 years ago

    You think a basketball hurts? Try soccer when you are kicking it and your
    foot is mid-air and someone stomps on it and have a bruise for a week and a

  • IPSZ Plays 4 years ago
  • AJDABEAST 1226 4 years ago

    I thought ALI away your best friend Vick 

  • RageSheepZ 4 years ago

    If you like bacon, cheese or Vikkstar123 subscribe to us!


  • Luke Grasso 4 years ago

    He already did this map with Lachlan