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  • TOTABros 5 years ago

    Hunger Games Challenge Episode one (Win a Game with a Wood Axe) That’s my
    suggestion. I think it would be a great addition to the channel since
    you’re so known for Hunger Games.

  • khi coolblast 5 years ago

    Mitch you da man ive been with your channel since 2mil and i knew you’d
    begin to get better and better keep up the good work BRO

  • Benjamin Ahern 5 years ago

    I remember playing supermario 64 on the ds :)

  • EnderNoah 5 years ago

    I actually get really excited when I see a new video from you now! Keep up
    the great work Mitch, and I can’t wait for the toys series this weekend! 

  • Rainbow Wolf 5 years ago

    Mitch, I want to thank you for your channel, I have become a better and
    more outgoing person because of your videos. I laughed so much! Have a
    wonderful day sir and I hope to meet you one day! :D

  • TheBajanCanadian 5 years ago

    Mitch and Lachlan play with the Rainbow Lucky Blocks on Peaches Super Mario
    64 or Sunshine Castle Map

  • Carolynn Lee 5 years ago

    Hey Mitch, I’ve seen you’re previous Solo Factions video, and it was
    hilarious! That ending death was the best x’D Oh, plus:

    “I luv ya Hunga Games Mitchy” – A lot of People

  • Maya Emmons 5 years ago

    I’m so excited for the new toy series and the new content! it would be
    awesome if you could livestream a couple times a month ( i know you’re a
    busy benj but it would be coool

  • Casey Krushnowski 5 years ago

    Bajan I love the new intro I love the art and the music. The thing I love
    about your videos is that I never know what you’re going to post. It is
    either hunger games, lucky block, a random mini game, or an adventure map.
    Your channel is an awesome wide variety of awesome minecraft games. Keep up
    the good work Mitch! :)

  • Umbrellagirl332 5 years ago

    My mom thought I was having a heart attack cause i was laughing so much XD
    I always get excited when I see a new video. Keep up the good work.

  • DjWafflez // The Leader Of The WaffleArmy 5 years ago

    I kinda miss the old intro :/

  • Ahzeem Moore 5 years ago

    +TheBajanCanadian I left your channel like 6 months ago… Every once in a
    while I’ll peak in to see anything interesting and I didn’t find
    anything… until one day yesterday I seen the title… The vlogs of
    vlogs… and I just knew I had to watch it… Thank you for good content
    again mitch

  • Joey Padilla 5 years ago

    thank you for all the changes ive wanted pixelmon for a while now and now
    your having a series with all sorts of fun…….much love <333333!

  • Lauren Owens 5 years ago

    The audio is much better in this video!! Thank you for fixing it!! The
    videos have been awesome lately <3

  • MollyTheFoxMC 5 years ago

    Bajan I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring your channel for awhile, but coming back
    to a complete channel redesign, I don’t think I’ll be back here for a long
    time. I don’t like any of the art, the intro, anything. Again, I’m sorry,
    I’ve been here for 2 years, and I just think you’ve lost my interest. See
    you next time something happens.

  • Stankasauresrex 5 years ago

    Loving the new channel revamp

  • LTFL x ImBenn 5 years ago

    Not to be rude but I prefer your old intro 

  • Night Wings Gaming 5 years ago

    Mitch sick banter boyz

  • DirectPulse 5 years ago

    HEY GUYS, sorry for advertising, I know it’s annoying so I’ll keep it
    short, I’m a small YouTube with 40+subs and I play a few games including
    Minecraft with some unique series on there, if you’re interested come and
    check it out! You don’t have to sub but feedback would be nice, but yeah,
    sorry once again for the advertisement. It’s just so hard trying to make it
    on YouTube

  • Julia VanPelt 5 years ago

    your new profile pic is absolute trash

  • Tyler Townsend 5 years ago

    I miss ur old intro 

  • godly sowah 5 years ago

    (Commenters be like…)

    Hey bajan, I have been watching your content for over 19 years and I still
    remember when you first started and had your first subscriber…..that was
    Anyway, keep up the good work and I will keep on watching your content for
    many years to come. PLEASE NOTICE ME BAJAN.

  • NeptunePlayz 5 years ago

    Mitch I think your doing a WONDERFUL job. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! I
    really enjoyed this :)

  • MadDany 5 years ago

    You should do Lucky Yellow blacks next!

  • TJ Getts AKATrollCraft49 5 years ago

    Mitch this was epic especially that ending! are you going to be doing more
    lucky block mazes with the pack?