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  • ColaKaktus 5 years ago

    where do you live? The landscape is amazing!

  • Tboiza12345 5 years ago

    ARX-160 from AW, anyone else?

  • Radical Gam3r 5 years ago

    Make The Halo Energy Sword WITH The Blades

  • Derek Leung 5 years ago

    What texture pack did you use? The landscape and shading looks so realistic
    and smooth!

  • Chris Radi 5 years ago

    Hi were do you life this lanscape looks sno awsome

  • Oliver Haines 5 years ago

    Make a tomahawk!! 

  • MurfTheSmurf ZOMBIES 5 years ago

    Build a life, that would be cool

  • LegoWithaSliceOfCheese 5 years ago

    Stop doing so much minecraft! !!

  • ComedyGamerMineCraft122 5 years ago

    Make a minecraft diamond sword please

  • Rmo balk 5 years ago

    please make the bioshock infinite grappeling hook

  • Cole Thompson 5 years ago

    Skyrims Giants Club

  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    wow lol

  • Andrew Luigi 5 years ago

    Can u pls make the TF2 rainblower

  • angel velaty 5 years ago

    Make a mario wiggler use a Lego head for its head

  • Buttersthecreeper 5 years ago

    TF2 Kunai or Brass Beast

  • trollbreeder 5 years ago

    Panic attack – TF2 Please!

  • Lucas Mytrunec 5 years ago

    Please make the halo sniper rifle

  • Caleb Meyers 5 years ago

    make foxys hook in five nights at freddys plz

  • Frying Pan 5 years ago

    Where in heaven’s are you finding all those bricks??? do you buy all of
    them? this must cost a hell lot!

  • Ayush Karkera 5 years ago

    Make a RW1 from call of duty advanced warfare!

  • Scorpio 5 years ago

    build the ghost from destiny.

  • Dlones 5 years ago

    Payday 2-Thanatos .50 cal.
    Payday 2- Bulldozer minifigure.

  • Lukáš Hudec 5 years ago

    Lego CS:GO Usp-s Orion 

  • Kwynn Dill 5 years ago

    Make Bonnie from five nights at freddys

  • HyperTronic78 5 years ago

    Make Necrochasm from destiny.

  • ghosts is best 5 years ago

    Make LEGO paralyzer for bo2 zombies