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  • Grapeapplesauce 5 years ago

    Should I do more horror maps? If so, which one should I try next?

  • Xariav 5 years ago

    Grape lookin’ good as always

  • Xariav 5 years ago

    wathing this at 0:22 AM. Not smart. I jumped so hard so many times

  • Brad Does Minecraft 5 years ago

    18 minutes of a scared grape? I’ll take it >:)

  • Grapeapplesauce 5 years ago
  • TimDaBoss 5 years ago

    *Grape Hears heartbeat*

    Grape: What is that?

    Im over here dieing XD

  • RandomKidX3 5 years ago

    Me: This is Minecraft. How scary can it be?

    *Watches video*

    *Doesn’t sleep*

  • addi ramsey 5 years ago

    Don’t worry. It’s safe down here 

  • Slim Shady 5 years ago

    Midgets and Dwarfs have very LITTLE in common o3o

  • solveig bjermeland 5 years ago

    I think that I am wighing all of these comments to avoid watching the vid
    (bc I am sceard)

  • CheapBeauty IsMe 5 years ago

    MY NAMES JESSICA!!! Shoutout to all the Jessicas. 

  • allbackiceland 5 years ago

    LOL, now we know that Grape would survive a horror movie!

  • Haleigh Oleary 5 years ago

    I got scared and dropped my phone on my face… It hurt a lot…

  • FluxxD 5 years ago

    Here are the jump scares trust me..

    Jump scares at 10:02 and 14:43, 14:56, 15:48 at 16:00 and at 16:48

  • Lana Sun 5 years ago

    hiding in the comments section

  • Reptile Gaming 5 years ago

    I really want Bee and Graser to play this now!

  • MCBeastGamer 5 years ago

    No matter where you are on earth. Remember that someone loves you. Remember
    that there will be that one person in your life that will change you and
    love you forever. Don’t be depressed, because you have no love. God knows
    when its time for your love to come :)

  • DotPinqer B 5 years ago

    Didn’t Straub Do This? 

  • TheRedBlockMC 5 years ago

    Did Grape fart at 10:56 ? XD

  • Jack McCall 5 years ago

    Can some1 please give us jumps are times? xD

  • KevinKraft 5 years ago

    Let’s start a story..

    There once was a scared Grapeapplesauce…

  • Scottobozo Person 5 years ago

    lol low volume the whole video

  • Posh MC 5 years ago

    Anyone else down here because it’s safe xD