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  • JackFrostMiner 5 years ago
  • +Queen Elsa of Arendelle…

  • MujGaming 5 years ago

    I’m at 292 by tonight aiming for 320 the +1 would be amazing :)

  • Jackson Mullins 5 years ago

    Nooo!! Nooo!!! NOO!!! No!!!! Noooooo!!
    Noooooooo!!!!! Noooo!!!!
    *dislikes the video*. *kills Elsa* ….. That’s better.

  • ClayClayYT 5 years ago

    Oh Hell No!

  • GameNinjaGN 5 years ago

    I’m at 62! #Under301Club!

  • AwesomeGuy53|Minecraft,SG,and more! 5 years ago

    Damn it do a full review because some of us can’t download maps

  • Leo Xu 5 years ago

    Is This Map Only For 0.11.0 ??

  • MaxTheGamer 5 years ago

    Huge congrats to the greater 😮
    Lol the Beta text ruins it all. Well not all but you get what I mean 😉
    +Queen Elsa of Arendelle you’ll like this map :p

  • itzRebby 5 years ago


  • KaiVLG 5 years ago

    This commenting is getting tiring now! Especially with having to try and
    push through alol the fakers, anyway can I get to 5K by the end of the
    Even a +1 will be awesome!

  • ASM3L_craft 5 years ago

    Is it possible to make the translation of the Arabic language ones.

  • MasterMan 666INFINITE 5 years ago

    Im 95th viewer #under301club

  • Oscarrguzman Ramirez 5 years ago

    News!:I had found the release date by my self and since the beta came out i
    had calculate so the release date is in next sunday!

  • HankPlaysTV 5 years ago

    I’ve actually never seen frozen :P

  • Jeremiahng 5 years ago

    ☁☀ ☁ ☁ ☁

  • Redstone Rampage 5 years ago

    This is cool I like it becues my little sister loves frozen so much she
    watches it everyday and I’m sick oh hearing it all the time XD

  • multi rapid punches 5 years ago

    I can’t use the map 

  • ChronoPhoneix_ 98 5 years ago

    Really Really Really well at least this isn’t a frozen 2 annoucement

  • Nate River 5 years ago

    0:35 Floating castle?! 

  • ReebGaming54 5 years ago


  • ThatGuyInTheCorner 5 years ago

    The craziest thing is this probably took him 1 and a half years to make
    judging by how long ago the movie came out.

  • Summer Hamilton 5 years ago

    Is there a limited amount of maps you can get? 

  • Kaden Williams 5 years ago

    @Oscarrguzman Ramirez tomorrow or next week?

  • CrazyCam Playz 5 years ago

    400 hundred like XD