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  • Bousha McLibbonen 6 years ago

    How did you make the commandblock say [Bob] instead of [@]???????

  • SkBoi8er 6 years ago

    Nice ocarina of time reference. “Epona” XD

  • schepert23 6 years ago

    I dont get it

  • CorpseEntertainment12 6 years ago

    This would be more informative if you had a microphone. Please try to
    invest in one!

  • John McPineapple 6 years ago

    The villager pays the return of his donkey with his best horse? What kind
    of villager is it?

  • piccolestyler 6 years ago

    reseth 😀

  • Antfor Eargar 6 years ago

    can you make a zelda game in minecraft by using all of your zelda things

  • Amster0I 6 years ago

    dl ?

  • Hella Hamblok 6 years ago

    can weget a toturial?

  • tyler flowers 6 years ago

    wheres the download?

  • SyrzyrHD 6 years ago

    I guess we will see a Zelda adventure map with Seth and PG5

  • Deli73 (Ben LeBlanc) 6 years ago

    Holy crap! How did I miss all that! xD I caught the “reseth” but that’s it.

  • Deli73 (Ben LeBlanc) 6 years ago

    Oh, okay.

  • TheCoolbluey 6 years ago

    it glitched out and didnt work

  • SNOOTERZ MC 6 years ago

    nvm my testing map broke new map works fine!!!! XD.

  • SNOOTERZ MC 6 years ago

    block 36 no longer has a hit box in 13w39b :(

  • UnluckMiner 6 years ago

    minecraft crashes when I give myself 36

  • abby0085 6 years ago

    All of the stuff in this new update makes me so excited for new Hypixel
    maps!!! 😀

  • pbilk1 6 years ago

    ok, thanks

  • Minecrafter7980 6 years ago

    Hey, little tipp go on the german youtubechannel “letsrockminecraft” there
    you can watch some video were they show the land and the houses and stuff
    from the map. 😉

  • Pix3l5hrimp 6 years ago

    Epona … U r Doping a adventuremap zeldastyle

  • Pix3l5hrimp 6 years ago


  • TheAnaconDevice 6 years ago

    Um…When you right click it says It think and not I think :)

  • shebpamm123 6 years ago

    no problem :)

  • pbilk1 6 years ago

    That is cool! Can’t wait to play 1.7 adventure maps