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  • YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon 6 years ago

    Today the guys take a look at this Minecraft co-op map!

  • Kellie Bone 6 years ago

    +Emma Coates you and +Hubert Ott need to check this out :D

  • ᴰeiviuxzLTU 'TLGtm' 6 years ago

    Oh You Fucker!

  • triplem113663 6 years ago

    Love the outro :D

  • Maize 6 years ago

    You missed the cake room!

  • Cory LaFleur 6 years ago

    Simon: Run you fool

  • Luke Rawlings 6 years ago

    The intro music is the same as MoonQuest

  • choogimchua 6 years ago

    All the outro music are good. The lost potato was the best.

  • necy alarcon 6 years ago

    Can you play skate 3

  • Damien Helvian 6 years ago

    So did nobody else notice? Challenge 3, the door at the bottom level
    opened, that was the real cake room.

  • vjeff55 6 years ago

    I wanted to hear the INTRO!!!!!!!!

  • theawesomeleprechaun 6 years ago

    they went in cake room three

  • Puzzle_12 6 years ago

    I love this outro music

  • Jessica Cheung 6 years ago

    I sawcake room 3

  • MedalOfPony 6 years ago

    Keeps using the cheats…

  • N3v3rL0se 6 years ago

    What right does he have? He has every right. He’s the one playing the map
    he can do as he pleases. So what right do you have telling him he can’t do

  • gilheart 6 years ago


  • gilheart 6 years ago

    Simon: what…? What do you mean? 17:58

  • 89Draco 6 years ago

    Oh, sorry then.. Have some cake. =)

  • mcnultyrory123 6 years ago

    Nice outro music probbally inspired by barbie

  • Raydar2012 6 years ago

    nice outro music

  • Jasey Bell 6 years ago

    The cake room in room 3 was there

  • Owen Shaw 6 years ago

    Suck mah dick.

  • CAL5T3R360 6 years ago

    it was to owen he is my mate :’)

  • 89Draco 6 years ago