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  • pendy1968 7 years ago

    i play minecraft to? you suld join my prty

  • jrt112233 7 years ago

    build a nether? portal!!!

  • jpjm12 7 years ago

    Freaking rolljoint I hate? you so much I was making that map with him and was original test subjects ;P no credit for richtofen

  • Bryan Mendoza 7 years ago

    dude can i? join you??

  • Suuper Ronnie 7 years ago

    lol? noobs noobs -.-

  • william schatz 7 years ago

    does? it tell you the seed

  • braydo2000 7 years ago

    Add? me peppyphython1

  • ZachJezioro8 7 years ago

    What? is your gamertag

  • riley stukenholtz 7 years ago

    forgot the? nether

  • jakeleemars 7 years ago

    how do you get this on xbox? and whats the seed

  • 0226marina 7 years ago

    How do u get this on ur? game?

  • ultralord1010 7 years ago

    Check out this sweet map I’ve been working on! :) a million thanks!!

    “minecraft xbox 360 – the adventure map,? teaser 1”? just like that.

  • Kate Yanik 7 years ago

    Great job I am ur biggest fan I love ur videos all videos that u make? r great

  • sirrex4321 7 years ago

    Hey, I am a commentator and was hoping someone would check out my channel. I play Minecraft,? Terraria, Spore, Stronghold Kingdoms and LotRo.

  • GRowe1978 7 years ago

    you never went to the? nether


    its a bin. file? for me

  • Precisechi 7 years ago

    Wat? was in the nether

  • domdyldaddy1 7 years ago

    send? freind request im Killa zom b45

  • R3APERGAMEPLAY 7 years ago

    thanks be sure to check? out my channel and you are going to find a lot more adventure maps played

  • R3APERGAMEPLAY 7 years ago

    I really don’t know,? I will say you downloaded the right file though it isn’t a video file

  • TT Thompson 7 years ago

    You talk wreid?

  • minecrafthostile123 7 years ago

    WAIT WHY does it appear as a VLC? file ?

  • minecrafthostile123 7 years ago

    loved it I WANT? MORE MAPS

  • jake roxas 7 years ago

    Your words were? not matching your actions

  • Mari Littali 7 years ago

    When u were stuck u were supposed to? go the nether!