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  • ECKOSOLDIER 5 years ago

    MODDED POTIONS & MORE!★ http://youtu.be/avhbseSP3Go

  • c john 5 years ago

    How do you get these maps?

  • ECKOSOLDIER 5 years ago

    I always love checking what the community is making, if you have ANY
    awesome maps reach out to me on twitter @eckoxsoldier explain what your
    maps about with pics <3 

  • DragX Gaming 5 years ago

    Thanks for the showcase… Now that I finished v2 I’m starting v3…with
    even more kids like the rocket ship mod and more

  • Timothy Aust 5 years ago

    Hey ecko you are my first favorite youtuber. Thank you for keeping me and
    other fans posted on minecraft news and updates. I will always be a

  • yamistar65 5 years ago

    Hi um do u want to do a co op survival series with me and another YouTuber
    it would be fun

  • Mr_Narwhal23 5 years ago

    ECKO I’m watching this while building my own hide n seek on my own world
    plz check a video out of it on my channel

  • XxCockatielsxX 5 years ago

    Can I play with u on Sunday PLZ xbox 1 gamer tag is Oo KittyCats oO

  • Luis Verdin 5 years ago

    Ecko, Look at 4j tweets. Something might come up 

  • alex turner 5 years ago


  • Ibrahim Farooq 5 years ago

    Ecko can you upload part two of building your hide and seek map?
    I really enjoy it!

  • ALI ALBASHEER 5 years ago

    I like the song what’s it called

  • anay Lara 5 years ago

    Can I play on the map on Sunday spleen

  • Toy Bonnie 5 years ago

    Plez play goat simulator on Xbox 

  • commandercodycctf 5 years ago

    when will pocket edition 11.0 come to windows phone

  • Cindy Arias 5 years ago

    Is that for ps4 too?

  • Lets Diptey 5 years ago


  • varun ravi 5 years ago

    today is my B-Day 😀 and i fell and started to bleed :(

  • oliver gray-rolling 5 years ago

    Im dieing of FIRST!!!

  • Xi Classic Xi 5 years ago

    Ecko I have been having trouble loading worlds whenever I click on it it
    does nothing could u make video on it because other people have been having
    this problem too

  • oliver gray-rolling 5 years ago

    ecko i told him about the spawners